Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's a Jungle out There!

Almost everyone in elementary school takes a field trip to the zoo, and Mrs. Clever's third grade class was no exception to the trend. In celebration of one of their field trips I decided to make zoo-themed cupcakes for the kids.
Using my moms favorite funfetti cake mix and a vanilla buttercream icing tinted green, I made these caged-animal cupcakes. The animals are pink and white frosted animal crackers pushed through the top of the cupcake to anchor them in place. Again, do this right after frosting the cupcakes to ensure that they stay in place. Next I stuck pretzel rods into the frosting surrounding the animal to represent the cage bars. To complete the cage, I used a half of a graham cracker square that I frosted (you could use a less-noticeable color, but I was feeling lazy and kept the green) and carefully placed on top of the pretzel sticks.

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