Friday, December 31, 2010

Marshmallow Madness

Marshmallows are one of my favorite things. I even tried to go on a fat-free diet before once, eating only marshmallows and Swedish fish (super healthy right?). It lasted about 3 days before I admitted how unhealthy (but delicious!) it was and stopped. But seeing how cheap marshmallow cream is when shopping one day I decided that I had to buy a jar, not to eat--of course ;) ;) but for baking purposes.

So to keep myself from eating all of the marshmallow fluff with a spoon, I decided to make mini cupcakes illegally in my dorm (shh!! don't tell!) and pipe marshmallow cream into the centers. The chocolate cupcakes I made in my mini cupcake maker (see below, you plug it in to the wall and the cupcakes are done in about 7-8 minutes, almost like a George Foreman grill).

I figured the marshmallow cream would be so sticky that it would be easier to spoon into a plastic bag and pipe the cream into the centers of the cupcakes, but the fluff is so thick that it was fairly difficult and I ended up just using two spoons and scrapping it into the center of the cored cupcakes

Honestly, you couldn't really tell that the cupcakes had marshmallow inside of them, most likely because they were so small of cupcakes, however everyone thought they were delicious! The marshmallow made the cupcakes moist and gooey and chocolaty, yet they weren't too overpowering because they were mini. A little bit of pink buttercream to make them cute and the cupcakes were done. Simple, but great.

Here's another mini chocolate and pink cupcake that I thought I'd include since I only have one picture from my phone of them. Instead of chocolate cake mix I used brownie mix, and instead of homemade buttercream I used an aerosol can of cupcake frosting that you can buy at the grocery store. The cans come in lots of different colors and have four different plastic tips that you can use (I used the star tip). While they were really quick and super easy to make, they ended up being a really nice little brownie bite with just the right amount of frosting.


  1. I remember the brownie bites with pink frosting. They were delicious!!