Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pigs and Ham

....Well, at least pigs and hamburgers. 
Anyways, the pigs were made for yet another one of mom's third grade field trips, this time, to a farm.

The nose and ears are made out of Jujy fruits (I cut them in half for the ears) and used a whole jujy for the snout. The eyes and nostrils on the snout are colored jimmies (long sprinkles). They were yellow cake cupcakes with a pink buttercream frosting.
The hamburgers were made for a Fourth of July family barbecue. I took vanilla cupcakes and cut them in half for the bun. If they crumble too easily you can freeze the cupcakes and then just saw right through them with a knife, just be sure that they've thawed before you assemble them. The burgers themselves are brownies, cut out using the top of a skinny drinking glass (circular cookie cutters were too big for the cupcakes that I used, but if you could find the right size they may work a bit better). I dyed frosting red, yellow and green and piped them on the burgers to look like ketchup mustard and lettuce and then simply put the cupcake pieces and brownie together into a burger. You can also stick long tooth picks through the burgers like they do at nice restaurants, which will help keep them together and looking nice for the party. I didn't think I needed them, so I didn't use any and mine held together just fine. You could also pipe some frosting on the underside of the brownie to adhere it to the cupcake a bit better if you have any problems.

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