Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cookies and Cream!

When I saw these mini Oreos on sale at Kroger's to buy 5 for 5 dollars, I knew that I wouldn't be able to resist. And after it took me a week to eat one container, I knew I had to find a way to use the other 4 before I ate them all. And what better use could there be than to put it in a cupcake?
Cookies and cream cupcakes!

After making a yellow cake mix, I decided to crush the mini Oreos and add them to the batter. I started with a cup of crushed Oreos and then began adding more and more until the batter looked good. After making them I had wished that I used bigger pieces of Oreo in the batter so that you could taste them a bit more.

The cupcakes almost looked like overly-healthy muffins when they were done as they were darker than normal and had a grainy appearance. Luckily they tasted nothing like a grain muffin.

After the cupcakes had baked, it occurred to me that these were really just cookie cupcakes so far--I was missing the cream. I really had wanted to do something with the insides of the Oreo cookies to make a frosting or a filling for the cupcakes, but because the mini Oreos did not have enough cream in the centers I decided to use the next best kind of cream--marshmallow cream.

Using a spoon, I hollowed out a small hole in the center of all of the cupcakes where the marshmallow cream would go.

And after filling a plastic bag with marshmallow cream I began piping the cream into the center of the cupcakes. The marshmallow is so thick that I microwaved the jar first for about thirty seconds just to get the consistency a bit thinner so that the plastic bag didn't break as I filled the cupcakes.

This gave the cupcakes a nice, warm, rich center and seemed like more of an Oreo-style cupcake.

I used a whipped chocolate fudge frosting for the cupcakes and garnished the tops with a mini Oreo for decoration.
Some of the cupcakes I filled with hot fudge sundae topping to see how they would taste.
And yes, they were also delicious.

I frosted some with the chocolate frosting and then tried frosting some with the marshmallow cream to keep it a bit lighter in taste and ease up on the chocolate.

The marshmallow cream however did not hold up very nicely and spilled over the cupcakes as they sat.

The original cupcakes with marshmallow cream as a filling and chocolate fudge whipped frosting were deemed everyone's favorites, although all three of the variations were really good overall.


  1. hahaha, there is an oreo barbie?! thats fantastic. :)

    ps- the cupcakes look awesome! yumm

  2. Yes it is! :) And personally, I think they should have made her a plus-sized Barbie if you know what I mean ;).