Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cupcakes in a Jar

These days cupcakes can be presented in so many different ways. From actual cup cakes where the cake is in a coffee cup, to boozy cupcakes in martini glasses, to sophisticated cupcakes in a champagne flute, putting cupcakes into simple glassware is a nice way to dress up even the most plain cupcakes and make them look cute.

Take for example these cupcakes:
Pretty plain and boring right? However, place these cupcakes into a jar and suddenly they seem cute and trendy.
Starting with the normal baking supplies, make regular cupcakes but leave them unfrosted. Then after cleaning out a mason jar drop your first cupcake into the bottom of the clean jar.

Place some frosting on top of the cupcake to form the first layer. In my first jar attempt I tried to just spoon frosting into the jar and smear it down with a spoon, causing it to look really messy which I didn't like.

Piping from a bag really seemed to help keep the layers pretty on the outside. Don't worry about getting the frosting even or covering the whole cupcake because as you add the next layer it won't be noticeable.

You can add in sprinkles and decorations in each layer or you can wait and just add it to the top of the jar to look pretty.
Keep adding layers of cupcake and then frosting until you've reached the top of the jar. For my cupcakes in a jar, I added one more layer once the jar was full so that it was overflowing.

These were shipped to my brother-in-law, Chris, who was serving in Iraq at the time so I wanted to really pack the jar with cupcakes so that it sealed well and would survive the trip.
Next you take the cleaned lid to the mason jar and carefully slide it down over the cupcake, compressing it into the jar and making a nice seal. While I've heard that you can boil the lids and actually seal the jars I chose not to and they made it to him within about 7-10 days and he said they were still fresh and delicious.
Once the jars are sealed I tied a ribbon around the tops just to dress them up and make them look nice using some spare ribbon laying around the house.
One in a red ribbon and one in a white ribbon.  I should have made three jars and done a blue ribbon too in order to be patriotic.

After they were all done, I taped a spoon onto the jar to eat the cupcakes with. If these were made for someone as a gift I might try to go out and buy a nice wooden spoon or maybe use a metal holiday themed spoon to attach, but I'm sure Chris barely even noticed.
After carefully wrapping them in bubble wrap I sent them off in a care package and hoped for the best.
I was told that both jars made it there without breaking and that the cupcakes stayed fresh and were really good. I think if I were to make these again I would be more careful with the layers to make them nice and neat so that they look more presentable but these were really easy to make and I think being overseas even the littlest reminder of home can be greatly appreciated.

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  1. How nice of you to do this! I had no idea that you sent these to Chris! Thanks so much!