Friday, January 7, 2011

A Different Kind of Jersey

In honor of the first episode of Jersey Shore last night I figured I'd do this post about a different kind of jersey. Jenn is always really difficult when I ask her what kind of cake she wants for her birthday. So when she asked for a Cleveland Browns cake that was still cute and girly and was also made out of angel food cake, I didn't know exactly how I could pull it off. Angel food cake is supposed to be made in a bundt pan so that the cake rises and is light and fluffy. Sometimes you can find store bought angel food cake in a loaf pan, but still the shape would be difficult to work with.

Once I decided to make the Browns jersey with her name on the back and 22 (it was her 22nd birthday) as the number, I started to plan on buying and cutting angel food cake and trying to piece the cake together into the right shape. After doing some research I found out that while it is recommended to make the cake in a bundt pan or loaf pan, nothing bad happens if you bake it like a normal cake. The texture isn't quite as light and the cake may be more dense but overall it makes a pretty good cake. After hearing this I decided just to go for it and make my own cake. When making the cake I made sure to whip the batter for a lot longer than usual to try to keep the cake light and airy.

The batter was pretty frothy which worried me but the cake turned out great.

Once the cake had cooled completely I flipped it over onto wax paper and began to carve out the cake into a jersey-type shape.

To get the right dimensions I had to use some of the pieces of cake that I cut to reattach for the sleeves to make them thicker and at the right angle. Since I was basically just taking a knife to the cake and free-handing it, the cake took quite a bit of trial and error to get it recognizable.

The angel food cake is also quite sticky and you really have to hold the cake down and saw at the corners with a serrated knife to get somewhat of a clean edge. After carving the cake I decided to transfer it to a pink platter to look a bit nicer and to be easier to move.

Next I frosted the cake using a store bought chocolate frosting so that I wouldn't have to worry about trying to dye frosting brown without it looking awful. Once I had frosted the cake, I went back over it with a flat metal knife dipped in hot water to smooth out the frosting and make the cake shiny.

For the stripes on the sleeves I took a clean index card made a line where I wanted the stripes to go. While holding the card upright in place I then carefully poured the orange sprinkles up to the edge of the card to try to keep an even line, alternating with the white sprinkles and leaving a bit of brown in between the stripes like the sleeves are on the actual jerseys.

For the last name and the numbers I melted white chocolate pieces and poured the melted chocolate into a plastic Ziploc bag, snipping off one of the corners and twisting the bag down as I began to pipe. To keep the letters nice, I used wax paper and and traced letters and numbers that would fit on the cake nicely. After tracing the outline of the letter I filled each center very thick so that the chocolate wouldn't break when placed on the cake. After allowing the pieces to harden thoroughly, I peeled away the wax paper and gently placed each letter on the cake, spacing them out as I went.

I had thought that I might need a bit of frosting to anchor the letters to the cake since the chocolate frosting had hardened already but I had no trouble with the last name or the numbers so I left them as they were. As the chocolate warmed a bit they really adhered to the cake nicely.

After adding the numbers, the cake was virtually done.


  1. This post made me really hungry for chocolate frosting. yum!

  2. Wanted to say I'm impressed . . . I thought I should go to bed instead of look at your cupcake blog but turns out cupcakesbyclever was the right pick!!!

  3. Aww, thanks guys!! :) I appreciate it.