Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years everyone! In honor of 2011, I decided to try to make cupcakes that looked like the ball dropping in Times Square.

I thought that if I dipped a mini cupcake in gray frosting and covered it in sprinkles and stuck it on a skewer that it would look pretty similar to the ball dropping...right?
Well, I was wrong. They didn't turn out quite as great as I had planned, however, it was a good effort, right?

I used regular cupcakes for the base (funfetti with a store-bought whipped frosting). I left the frosting base white once the balls didn't turn out as cute as I had hoped and I was ready to give up on the idea.

The balls are mini cupcakes that I tried to shape into balls, but the cupcakes just weren't having it and while dipping the bottoms started to fall apart, hence the weird shapes that they made.

The frosting I tinted first with a nut brown color that turned out green for some reason.

That does not look like nut brown to me....

So I also added in some violet, knowing from my wonderful brother in law, Chris, that sometimes gray can look quite purple (although his swim trunks really were purple, not gray, he just never wouldn't admit it). The purple really helped and I got a nice dark gray color.

After microwaving the frosting for 30 seconds, it became the consistency of melted chocolate and the balls were pretty easy to dip and coat in the gray.

We were out of wax paper so I just placed the balls on a plate since there were only four and I immediately rolled them in sugar and sprinkled silver balls (called dragees) onto the cupcakes.

Once the frosting coating was dry, I put the balls in the freezer to harden up a bit, and then flipped them upside down and inserted a wooden skewer that I had cut in half about halfway into the balls.

Using white frosting as a glue, I piped frosting where the skewer was to adhere it and placed the balls in the freezer again to set.

Once they had hardened I frosted the normal-sized cupcakes and placed the other ends of the skewers 3/4 of the way into the cupcakes and voila!

...Just like the Times Square ball right? Ha!

At least they were true to form and after about 10 minutes proceeded to "drop" and fall down the stick. Whoops!
Oh well. Happy 2011 everyone!

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