Monday, January 10, 2011

It's a hard knock life...

Our Kappa Delta recruitment theme this past fall was Annie. We used sayings like "it's the KD life for us" and "you're only a bid away" and "Kappa Delta, Kappa Delta, we love you, Kappa Delta". I love recruitment with the girls--we have so much fun making the skit and planning all of the events. Knowing that the second night we always have finger foods I was determined to make mini cupcakes for all of the girls that came through, no matter what the theme. 
When thinking about what the cupcakes would look like, I thought about trying to make Sandy cupcakes (her dog) or Daddy Warbucks (which would be creepy) and finally I decided that I really needed to just make Annie herself since she's the only real theme to the movie.
Unfortunately however, Annie is not exactly a cute little girl (yes, she's cute in her own way I'm sure..).

And sometimes she began to look a bit like the hamburger helper man...

I tried making ones with green eyes, blue eyes, different smiles, different hair, trying to make her look a bit more cute but really nothing worked.
I made them for all of the girls going through recruitment, making almost 75 mini cupcakes total.
Even though they were awfully goofy, the new girls seemed to love them and we got some amazing new girls who I now love dearly.
...Even if I did had to make a million cupcakes for them. :)


  1. You're crazy kid and I must say that they look insanely delicious!

  2. All I can say is you know how I like red heads!

    You're awesome Ash!