Sunday, January 9, 2011

J Cupcakes for J-Train

I made these cupcakes for Jenn when mom and I came to Warsaw for her birthday this past year.

Yes, this will be the third birthday post for Jenn. Three years of cupcakes and cakes that I've made...isn't that crazy? I'm trying to get all of the oldies up first though before I start on the newer ones. Anyways, these J cupcakes were for me to prepare piping with melted chocolate for a cupcake competition that I entered (that post will be coming soon) to see how the chocolate set up and ultimately to find out that the letters will melt and break when they are placed vertically in the cupcake.

I started with regular a yellow cake cupcake mix.
Doesn't this just make you hungry? :)

I spooned the chocolate frosting into a plastic bag and snipped off the corner and piped the frosting on in a circular motion to build it up into a cone. I wished I had made the frosting so that it was just a bit thicker and more sturdy.
I had printed out a couple of different font and sized J's on clip art, using a dark background so that I could easily trace the letters onto the wax paper.
I melted the colored white chocolate and poured it into a plastic bag, snipping off an end and twisting the bag to keep out any air bubbles. After piping the J's I sprinkled sugar and other sprinkles into a few of them to make them a bit prettier. I let the chocolate set up until it had hardened all of the way and then carefully peeled away the wax paper. Touching the chocolate too much will make it melt and the letters break so be very careful handling them and try using a tooth pick or other utensils to move and lift them.
After picking them up I carefully placed them into the center of the frosting on the cupcakes and pushed them down slightly to anchor them in place.
I really liked the bright colors, but I had mixed feelings about the sugar being sprinkled into the chocolate (the two middle cupcakes have sugar on the J's). Bananas in the background make it seem healthier too, right? :)

I also did one giant J that I laid flat on the cupcake, however the bigger ones were very brittle and broke really easily. For the third time, happy birthday Jenn!

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