Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monster Mash Continued!

Photos are finally uploaded and the monsters are here!
 Each one of these cupcakes takes one big cupcake, one mini cupcake, two suckers, and two peach rings (for the eyes--see below).
 I used my mini cupcake maker to make the smaller cupcakes.
Here are the finished mini cupcakes.
I bought Wilton decorating tips at Walmart when I was getting my car worked on...they were just too cheap and too fun to pass up.
I decorated some of the mini cupcakes while I waited for the big ones to finish.
I think minis are cute no matter what you do to decorate them.

Finally the big ones were done. I made the cupcakes using a yellow cake box mix (pictured earlier).
I tinted some of the vanilla frosting blue for the fur. It was the only food coloring I could find and I had Will in the back of my mind making comments about Big Blue Nation and big blue monsters (UK basketball), so I went with it and did them all in variations of blue.
I put the frosting in a Ziploc baggie and tried to use one of my new tips with it, however they kept sliding back into the bag like so.

To start stacking the cupcakes, I piped a dot of frosting on the center of the larger cupcakes and placed the mini cupcake on top.

This gives the monster a nice dome shape.
Next, I started piping in the blue frosting "fur" with a star tip.
Continue with a second layer, covering the tops of both cupcakes.
After finding two of the same color eyes that I had previously made, I carefully pushed them into the top of the mini cupcake on an angle.
Sometimes I would put the eyes in first and other times I would pipe the frosting first but I really didn't notice a difference in appearance.
Doesn't it look like he has a moustache?
Finish piping up by the eyes and your monster is done!

I tried piping a lot of different ways to change the fur, such as using a leaf tip like above.

Or piping strings all over like this one.
Without fur they look seem to look a bit like aliens.
Or at least aliens with a nice 'stache.
You can change the eye color.
Or the fur color.
After making the white monster I decided to add a few drops of blue into the bag of frosting and get a nice mix of blue and white fur. I also microwaved the frosting for 20 seconds to thin it out and create a lighter consistency since I was using so much frosting on the cupcakes.

If you look at the other side of the monster the eyes always seem to look evil.
I also tried making one using a knife to frost the cupcake to use less frosting (I was running out).
Adding sprinkles as the fur, it turned out pretty well.
Don't let the happy rainbow sprinkles fool you however, because this monster has an evil side...
When I began to run out of mini cupcakes (or people began eating all of the minis!!) I started using the smaller cupcakes to go on top and it worked out just fine.
Here's another attempt at the squiggly fur.
These three were all made with the thinner frosting but I don't think it was overly noticeable.
Here are two of the mini cupcakes with just plain blue frosting.
The frosting was too thin for the swirl but a big ball worked quite well.
The little curl made me think of the Cupcakes by Clever logo and made me want to revise it. We'll see if I have time this week.
Here are the finished monsters! I didn't use a nose like they did in the book, and I had made four more pictured earlier but the boys wanted to try them before I had finished all of the cupcakes. I wish I had gotten a picture of Will, Camul and Ben Allen with blue frosting all over their face as they tried to eat the cupcake in one bite! I loved making these cupcakes and they really were delicious. The only problem was it was weird to eat the suckers as you're eating a cupcake and since there were two you had to chew them. But as far as looks and taste goes, these were a huge hit and were definitely worth making again.


  1. These are adorable!!! You would have to have a big mouth to eat one of those because they are also monsterously huge!

  2. My 3rd graders would love these! They are really cool. I think pink monsters would be awesome.