Sunday, January 16, 2011

Monster Mash

This week has been exceptionally busy but I finally found time to make my crazy-eyed monsters (see poll on the left) this weekend. All you need to make them is a box of cake mix, a can of vanilla frosting, a bag of small suckers, a bag of gummy peach rings and food coloring.
I made the eyes for the monsters ahead of time to speed up the baking process a bit.

First I picked out the colors that I wanted the center of the eyes to be and chose sucker flavors accordingly. (Strawberry for red eyes, grape for purple eyes, ect.).
After unwrapping the sucker take a peach ring and carefully push the end of the sucker stick through one side of the ring.
Now slide the ring up around the sucker stick and pull it over top of the sucker so that it's surrounding the candy part of the sucker.
And pull it over top of the sucker.
Now you've made one eye. Continue on, using different colors but making two of each eyes.

Be careful not to push too hard on the sucker or else you'll break the stick.

You can make lots of different colors and flavors (after all, they are monsters, they're supposed to look strange).
Just keep them paired up with their flavor so that you don't have a cotton candy and a blue raspberry sucker together in a weird combination.

Unfortunately, due to issues with pictures not downloading properly, these monster cupcakes are going to have to be continued tomorrow morning. Check back for the final results!

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  1. What?! Wait until tomorrow?? How can you leave me hanging like this? Can't wait to see the finished product!!!