Monday, January 3, 2011

....That Was Easy.

Oh, the Staples Easy Button. Working at Staples as a cashier both in high school and now in college, you see some crazy people buying a Staples Button. (You know, those big red buttons from the commercial where the ONLY thing they do is say "....that was easy." over and over again?). People buy them as gifts all the time during Christmas. My math teacher used to have one you could press after you turned in a test (usually after you failed the test as a joke) and some people even use them for their dogs to step on before they need to go outside. I always love when people come in asking me if we have them, and I'm always tempted to tell them that we're all out but they can find them at Office Depot down the road. Just like when I was asked once if we carry staples. "No ma'am, it's our store name but we don't actually sell those here." Well anyways, I do love staples and the occasional free post-it notes or crazy smiley face paper clips that we get. I get paid to stand behind a cash register and smile and greet people all day long, it's great. When I left for college I didn't know if I would want to work during college, especially during volleyball season in the fall and so I thought that I might not work at Staples again, and that was sad. (Little did I know that I would soon realize just how broke you can be as a college student and how extremely nice it is to work 1-2 nights a week). Anyways, on my last day at work at good ole' Mansfield Staples, I decided to make everyone easy button cupcakes.

Using silver liners, I made yellow cake cupcakes and frosted them in a store-bought red buttercream cupcake frosting. (Otherwise it's nearly impossible to get white frosting red, even using gel food coloring). I also used white frosting to pipe on the easy letters like they are on the staples button, and I dyed some of the white frosting gray and piped a thick flat line around the outside of the cupcakes to make it look more real.

Just like Flo, from those Progressive commercials, I too have an awesome name tag. And yes, Owensboro Staples, someday I will make you cupcakes too. And does anyone know what TWSS is?