Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why is a Ghost such a Messy Eater?

Because he is always a goblin!

Yes, Halloween was a few months ago and no, my jokes really aren't that funny. However, I thought I would include a post on these cute little candy corn mini cupcakes that I made last October. Using my illegal mini cupcake maker and a yellow cake mix, I made these darling little candy corn themed cupcakes. For the frosting, I took a can of store bought frosting and mixed it with about a cup of whipped cream to give the it a creamier texture and to make the frosting go a bit farther. I split the frosting into three different piping bags and dyed one bag orange and another bag yellow. The orange was quite hard to get a nice bright color and ended up looking more sherbet. Next time I might try using a gel orange icing instead of mixing liquid red and yellow food coloring. The third bag I left white for the tips of the cupcakes and I didn't set as much frosting aside for it since the tops were much smaller than the rest.  
After cutting a hole in the corner of the plastic bag I began to pipe the orange layer first, making a wide circle around the cupcake and building the layer up pretty high. I frosted all of the cupcakes with just the orange layer at first so that the frosting would set up a bit in hopes that the colors would not mix when I added the yellow layer. Once the frosting was slightly stiff I piped on the yellow frosting on top of the orange layer in a much smaller circle again building the layer up pretty high. Once that layer was set I finished the cupcakes off with a little bit of white, pulling the bag away from the cupcake as I was piping to create a nice peak and give the cupcake a cone shape. While very simple, these cupcakes were very easy to recognize as candy corn and with barely any effort they went from plain boring cupcakes to nice festive holiday cupcakes.
The only problem that I did not take into consideration was that by adding the whipped cream into the store bought frosting, as the cupcakes warmed up, (they were sitting relatively close to a heating vent) the frosting began to melt a bit and the layers of frosting began to look sloppy and spill over the edges. The frosting was however quite delicious and was definitely worth using again, just not for decorating!

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