Monday, February 14, 2011

Cupcake Extras

For anyone who loves baking, Valentines day is a great excuse to go above and beyond with your baking ideas. And yes, I'm no exception and I have lots of exciting things to post for Valentines day, however, I've been really sick these past few days and don't feel up to finding my camera and uploading the pictures, so here is a post to keep you occupied. Since people know I love cupcakes I tend to get a lot of cupcake-themed items (which I love!!) so I thought I'd share some cupcake extras with you this time.
First, we have the faux-cupcake:

Meant to look like an adorable wrapped cupcake with a strawberry on top, this bundle of joy is actually a washcloth.
It's a little easier to see unwrapped. The strawberry is actually a plastic magnet which is now on my mini fridge.
 Next we have the adorable heart-shaped mini cupcake maker that I found at Walmart.
Now I'm actually quite partial to the mini cupcake maker that I have but these cupcakes and waffles are awfully cute.
Here is the adorable bag my KD secret valentine presents came in. The sides of the bag and the to/from tag are pink sprinkles that match the top of the cupcake.
And here were some of the gifts that were inside:
Cupcake post-it notes.
Mini cupcake baking cups in a pink argyle print that say "Sweet" on the bottoms. (Aren't they cute!!)
And a Valentines day assortment of pink and white sprinkles that for some reason are really hard to see in this picture--sorry!!
 Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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