Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Volleyball Cupcakes

Volleyball is a huge love of mine and I've been thinking about making volleyball cupcakes now for awhile.
It all started with these great edible food markers and some white M&M's.

I bought these edible ink pens on sale at Walmart awhile back and I've been dying to use them and I was thinking about drawing on big white gumballs to make them into volleyballs. I knew however, drawing on a 3D sphere would be quite difficult. Luckily, when I was out shopping the other day I saw this box of white M&M's and knew that they would be perfect.
You can draw seriously anything on them. I might have gone a bit crazy with it to be honest...
Drawing on the back side of the white M&M made the perfect volleyball replica and was fairly easy to do. Half of the battle is knowing how to draw a volleyball. First, if you were drawing this on paper, you draw a circle.
Next, draw three curve lines coming out from the center.

Now draw vertical lines within each section to make the panels.
 And voila! You have a volleyball. (Sorry it's a bit messy, I didn't think that I would be posting pictures, these were just my sketches).
Now I just did the exact same thing on an M&M.
 (Sorry these are so hard to see. I'm not sure why they were so blurry).
I did the M&Ms in the three steps so that the ink would dry in between each one as it was really easy to smear.
The lines are really easy to smear and get your hands. It's actually really hard to hold an M&M and draw on it at the same time.

Then pen tip is really thick which makes it slightly difficult.
That's why I did the three-step process, which really seemed to help.
They're super easy to make and pretty quick to do.
And aren't they cute?
You can draw virtually anything on the M&Ms. I made these for Valentine's day.
 See how fun these are?
I also made these UK logo ones. The possibilities are endless!
I wanted to try out the green and yellow markers too so that they wouldn't feel left out. That's a Christmas tree and a sunshine.
Yeah, I didn't do so well with those. But you get the idea.
So much fun. You can draw virtually anything.
Oh. What about a cupcake to put them on? Well if you're like me and you spend 95% of the time allotted to draw on M&M's, then just whip up a quick (and ugly) batch of mini cupcakes and you're good to go.
 Golden butter just sounds fattening doesn't it?
And they started off like normal cupcakes in my mini cupcake maker.
 Right? Totally normal.
They even had these super cute wrappers.
 But I guess I filled them too full. Normally I like full cupcakes because they have that pretty, rounded look.
But these just got dome-y and weird!
Seriously, these were the ugliest cupcakes I've ever made.
Not even pretty pink strawberry frosting could save them.
I couldn't pipe a nice swirl on them because of the weird shape so I had to just frost them using a spoon and a knife.
But the M&M's are cool enough that you can overlook that right? They were for little girls anyways (well, my 13's AVA club team). Note to self: Next time, don't spend so long on the toppers that you don't have time to make decent-looking cupcakes!