Thursday, April 21, 2011

Princess Cupcakes!

These cupcakes I made for my demo for the Miss KWC 2010 pageant. They're pretty goofy, but I think they're cute and they look much harder than they really are. These could also be used as pregnant women, as I made the cupcakes pretty big so she looks a bit heavy.

I started out with a strawberry cake mix so that the cupcakes would be pink. I think even the dry mix looks prettier in pink.
The batter looks a little lumpy but that's because there are small bits of strawberry chip in the batter to bake into the cupcakes and give it a little something extra.
I used a measuring cup to scoop the batter into the cups, it makes it much easier and is quicker than piping the batter in.
I baked these without baking cups so that you wouldn't have a rigid edge around the cupcakes but you could do it either way.

Bake a 375 degrees for about 18 minutes.
Or until the cupcake seems to bounce back when you touch the tops.
While they bake you can start making the princess accessories.
Every princess needs a crown, and I made mine out of banana laffy taffy.

Start by unwrapping the laffy taffy and begin working it a little bit with your hands to warm it up.
Next, start pulling on the taffy and flattening it out into long rectangular pieces.
Using a butter knife, carve a zig-zag pattern into the taffy. Each piece of taffy will make two crowns, one from each side.
Gently pull the taffy apart into the two pieces and reshape the peaks with your fingers to get them even and nicely pointed.
Then, curl the taffy around into a circle, overlapping the ends and pressing the taffy together where they meet.
And there is your crown. Later on when using melted chocolate you can pipe on small dots to represents jewels in the crown if you wish.
Now, for the faces. I used vanilla wafers and "glued" together with melted chocolate with a pretzel stick in the middle.
I used this Kroger brand melting chocolate.
You break it off into squares and can microwave it.
It comes with a nice little tray, but I put mine straight into a ziplock bag so that I didn't have to transfer it.
Just make sure that you leave the bag open when you microwave the chocolate!!
I microwaved mine in 20 second intervals, kneading the chocolate each time so that it doesn't burn.

Once it's nice and smooth I twisted the bag down and snipped off a corner to use it as a piping bag.
You want to do everything with the chocolate relatively quickly because it's easy for the chocolate to harden in the tip of the bag.
On the back side of a vanilla wafer, pipe a thick line of chocolate.
Place the pretzel on the line and add more chocolate, completely covering the pretzel.
Place a second vanilla wafer on top and push the two sides together, making a sandwich around the pretzel.You may need to add more chocolate for stability. Carefully place the sandwich down and let the chocolate set up. Once set, place in a freezer for a few minutes (5 or so) to harden completely.
Once hardened, you can reheat the chocolate and begin to pipe on hair and eyes using the chocolate (or whatever you wish to use) and to make a mouth. For the princess mouths, I used a heart shaped sprinkle.
You can be as creative as you'd like with the faces.

Make sure you use a tiny dot of chocolate to place the sprinkle, as it can seem out around the heart really easily.

Next, add some melted chocolate to the top of the head on both sides to attach the crown. You may have to flatten the crown a bit to make sure it attaches nicely.

You can also pipe on small dots for the crown. I thought it looked a bit messy but from far away it looked nice. You could also add sprinkles for jewels if you wanted to.

Once the cupcakes are done, take two small sized cupcakes and remove the liners if you used them.
Frost the bottom of one of the cupcakes and place it on top of the other.
Next, put a little bit of frosting on the top. You can choose to frost around the edges of the cupcake, however, I thought that with everything being added to the cupcakes they were plenty sweet already so I used minimal frosting.
Next, take two pretzel sticks and push them down through both cupcakes. This dowels the cupcake like a stacked cake, keeping everything stable.
Carefully place the head on top of the cupcakes, pushing the pretzel down into the first cupcake. (Note: be sure that the chocolate is set up completely before you do this step).  
Next, unwrap a strawberry fruit roll-up (or whatever color you'd like her dress to be) and separate it where the roll-up is perforated.
Carefully drape the fruit roll-up around the two cupcakes.

It won't quite reach all the way around her, so you can either use two or leave her risque.
 I took the second half of the fruit roll-up and cut two strips out to use later for the arms and used the remainder to cover the back of the dress.
I took the two long strips and cut them in half to drape over a pretzel, broken in half, to form sleeves and arms.
Fruit roll-up sticks to itself really easily (which can either be a good or bad thing!) I left a little bit of excess roll-up hanging off the sleeves to make it really easy to stick it onto the dress.
Carefully stick the arms onto the dress and smooth down the fruit roll-up to be sure it is attached firmly. Leave a little bit of the pretzel poking out as a hand.
As a finishing touch you can pipe frosting on to jazz up the collar and sleeves, as well as hide any mistakes made. While they may look a bit silly up close, from a distance they seem impressive and they look so much harder than they really are.

Sidenote: No, I didn't win the pageant, but it was a lot of fun!


  1. If I was one of the 36+ Wedding Planners for the Royal Wedding I would have ordered thousands of these!

  2. these are fantastic...nice work ash! :)