Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Catch of the Day

Well, I have some catching up to do with the blog so here are some older creations that I haven't put up yet, starting with these ocean themed cupcakes made for my mom's third grade class to celebrate summer and the end of school.
 I was running out of supplies so I had to make two different types of cupcakes, but overall I think they looked cute.
 I started out with a yellow cake mix, adding eggs, oil, and water.
 And I threw in some sprinkles to make it a funfetti cake.
 Using an ice cream scooper I scooped the batter into baking cups.
 I used about a scoop and a half to fill the cups.
 That way they're about 3/4 full and bake up nicely.
I hate when the baking cups fold in and aren't perfectly round, it's a pet peeve of mine!
 Bake at 350 degrees....
 Until golden brown.
 Then I scoop out the cupcakes with a spoon to let them cool faster.
 And here's all of my decorating tools! We have Swedish fish, blue glitter gel icing, white sanding sugar, Captain Krunch, canned white frosting, canned chocolate frosting, and blue and yellow Easter sprinkles.
 First I sorted out the Captain Krunch pieces and placed them in a Ziploc bag, pressing all of the air out and sealing the bag tightly.
 Using a blunt object (I used a heavy glass cup), I crushed the pieces into a fine sandy texture. Typically I would have used vanilla wafers or graham crackers but I didn't have any and since these were for kids I figured they would love it.
 I also picked out some of the blue berries to use for the ocean waves.
 And crushed them the same way.
Placing the Captain Krunch into a small shallow bowl I began to assemble everything.
 First, I placed the blue berry crunch into the cap of the white canned frosting so that it would be easier to sprinkle over the cupcakes. I also separated out the blue Easter egg sprinkles from the yellow sprinkles and placed them in the cap to keep them sorted.
 Now, I knew I didn't have enough vanilla frosting, so I decided to use chocolate underneath the sand since you (hopefully) wouldn't be able to see it.
 I frosted about 3/4 of the cupcakes with the chocolate and immediately dipped it into the cereal sand.
 Unfortunately it did not dip well at all, and was very splotchy at first.
 I ended up having to dip the cupcake and then go back and sprinkle more sand over top of the cupcake to get a nice covering.
 Next came the white frosting. I used this leaf tip that came with the bottle and began to pipe on the waves.
You have to be a bit careful with this because the white frosting will pull down the chocolate frosting and sand and fall completely off the cupcake if you aren't careful.
 Then I used the blue decorators sparkle gel to create waves.
 And then added some blue sprinkles and a dusting of the berry crunch. It looks a bit tacky up close but without them I didn't think they were blue enough, and from far away they looked nice.
 Now I just placed a Swedish fish halfway into the cupcake to look like it was jumping out of the waves and onto the beach.
 I also tried the star tip of the canned icing to make more swirled waves.
 Again though, the edges are easy to fall off if you don't frost enough of the cupcake.
I sprinkled the blue berry crunch.
 Used the decorators gel icing.
 Topped them with some sprinkles.
And finished the cupcakes off with a Swedish fish. Pretty quick and easy overall.
 And it worked really well for awhile...
 ...Until my sand ran out!
 So then I had to resort to just using the white frosting.
 Piling it up to resemble the water.
 And adding the blue gel...
 ...And finishing with a fish.
 Two different designs, but they went together well.
 And then I ran out of the white!
 So I had to stick with the two containers of cupcakes I had made.
And I finished the rest with just chocolate and white sanding sugar. At least I had made plenty for the kids and got to eat the chocolate leftovers!

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