Friday, July 1, 2011

Semi Splendid

When I saw a box advertising sugar free splenda brownies, I knew I had to try them.
 And for the most part, they turned out okay!
 It seemed like a normal brownie box mix
 Except that the pan size was really small. It says 8x8 but it really did not make much at all, especially since they really didn't rise as well, being that they were sugar free.
 The directions used less water and oil than a normal mix.
 And while the directions said to add two eggs I only had one extra large egg, so I figured it would make due.
 The batter looked (and tasted) pretty normal, but was overly thick and didn't make very much, as I mentioned earlier.
 It barely filled up the small pan and was so thick that it was hard to spread evenly.
 But eventually it evened out and the brownies looked pretty good.
 Baking at 375, the brownies were supposed to take about 25 minutes.
 But they took forever to bake! It seemed that the edges caramelized very quickly, but the center was still very gooey.
 I double checked the baking temperature and time (it might be posted wrong on here however since I threw the box away, but it was set on the right temperature at the time!).
 And continuously checked the batter with a toothpick until it finally came out clean after almost ten minutes of additional baking time.
Once they were out (they barely rose!) and had cooled, I frosted them with chocolate frosting. No, it wasn't sugar free, but I figured since the brownies didn't have any we could go a bit crazy on the frosting.
Some colorful sprinkles spruced up the plain brownies a bit and gave them some life. The brownies were really hard to cut and get out of the pan, despite me liberally spraying the pan with Pam before baking. The brownies were otherwise pretty good, but they made my stomach hurt later on even after only eating two or three. I don't think I would make them again unless I modified the recipe some. I really liked the idea of using a sugar free mix, but they just really weren't the same. I wonder if I used half a normal mix and half a sugar free mix if the baking problems would be masked and it would have less sugar? Maybe I'll try it sometime....

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