Friday, September 30, 2011

Fourth of July Cupcakes

Patriotic Fourth of July cupcakes!
I decided to even make the actual cupcakes red white and blue.

I started with a funfetti stars and stripes mix.
Add oil, eggs, and water.
And some sprinkles...
I took two smaller bowls to divide up the batter into the separate colors.
You don't really need much for the blue, but try to get equal amounts of red and white
I used red and blue gel coloring so that it wouldn't water down the batter.
And it made a very pretty red--not pink, thank goodness!
Doesn't the batter seem pretty?
So I started out with a layer of the red batter. I just did a small spoonful and then spread it out into the cupcake liner.
I used a knife and just swirled the spoonful a bit until it covered the bottom.
Once you have a nice layer of red batter, move onto the white.
Add a spoonful of white batter and again I used a knife to swirl it to cover all of the red completely.
Make sure you can't see any red peaking through.
Then keep repeating with layers of red and white until you fill the cupcake liner 3/4 of the way full.
Then add a small spoonful of blue batter in a triangle shape in the corner.
I did some red and some white to see how the different tops would look. I'm not exactly sure which one I liked best to be honest.
Then I used these Christmas sprinkles and I picked out the snowflakes and used them as stars.
I sprinkled them into the blue to look like stars on the flag.
I also was baking a cake for the volleyball cake pops I made (a post coming soon!).
I almost filled the cupcakes a bit too full!
But they turned out okay.
Sorry about the cookie cake pops in the background (ANOTHER post coming soon!).
Don't these just seem so patriotic?
Can you see the stripes? I almost wish I had either done more or that I had made them more defined. Maybe next time!
I wanted to keep the frosting very simple so that the emphasis was more on the inside of the cupcakes and not the tops.
Then I saw this cookie cutter star and I decided to use it to make a nice template for my sprinkles.
It worked out pretty well but was a bit messy. It was really easy to get the cookie cutter in the frosting and to have sprinkles everywhere to be honest.
It worked a bit better with the sanding sugar though since they're smaller pieces.
From far away though they looked really nice.
I also tried it the other way which worked a bit better.
Aren't they pretty from far away? You don't notice the blurred lines from a distance.
Hope you're feeling patriotic!
And isn't it such a nice surprise once you unwrap it?

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