Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cotton Candy Cookie Pops

Who doesn't love cotton candy? I know I do. And I had wanted to make something extra special for the arrival of my nephew Christopher Michael, born August 17th (yes, I'm just now putting these up).
You can't see very well (which I didn't realize when I took these pictures, sorry!!) but it says "Welcome baby Christopher" on the three middle cookies.

 It all started when I found this giant tub of cotton candy at the dollar store. The "Flava Puff" had me a bit worried, but after sampling my fair share of the cotton candy I decided it was fit for the cookies. (It was DELICIOUS!).
 I used these frozen cut-out cookies that my mother and I had made and frozen quite awhile back. I decided to use just the stars since the hearts may seem a bit feminine.  
 I tried using these dowels as well as shish kabob sticks.
 Unfortunately they were both too long and I was worried that they would break and that they just wouldn't look right.
 So I decided to "notch" the dowels and then break them in half.
 But often times they didn't break cleanly.
 Eventually I got them to work after having to throw out quite a few.
 See? Much more manageable.
 Now came the cookies....
 And I just gently insert the dowel into the center of the cookie.
 Just be careful that you don't get too close to the bottom of the cookie, because it'll push out of the cookie very easily.
 I also tried the shish kabobs with the pointed end, which was easier to get into the cookies but was also easier for the entire stick to slide out of the cookies.
 I only did a few cookies just to see how they would turn out.
 I pulled the blue cotton candy apart from the pink and tried to keep them separate.
 And I just used a regular white buttercream frosting.
 Which I tinted blue so that it wouldn't be noticeable if you saw any under the cotton candy.
 And I frosted the cookies.
 And then just stuck pieces of cotton candy into the frosting.
 Try to keep it nice and fluffy and piece them together in the center so its less noticeable.
 I think they kind of look like a cute starfish.
 And of course I had to try one...
 They were delicious!
 But some look kinda goofy if you don't use big enough pieces of cotton candy.
 So this one I decided to do a bit differently.
 I tried to keep the cotton candy in one big piece and then shape it to fit the cookie.
 And it worked out really pretty well.
 I think they look a lot better this way.
 Once I made two of the cotton candy I decided to make the three center cookies say "welcome baby Christopher" so that they were more personalized.
 I originally thought that I would use wax paper and make a paper cone to do the piping.
 You cut a triangle and roll each point into the center to form a cone.
 And it usually works out really well.
But see how messy this looks? I wasn't happy. The writing seemed shaky and just not crisp and clean.
So I decided to switch to a plastic bag and go the easy route.
 Just scoop in the frosting.
 Twist down the bag.
 And cut off the tip of the corner. Easy peasy!
 The writing wasn't exactly much better, but better than before.
 Just be careful that the stick doesn't come out of the cookie when you pick them up--whoops! Guess I didn't put this one in far enough in the center.
 And again, sorry you can't see it well, but maybe it's better since they writing wasn't great.
But with the cotton candy on the two ends it ended up pretty cute.
 And I was going to make these into a cookie pop bouquet and send them to my sister...however...
After sitting for a few hours, the cotton candy absorbed the moisture from the frosting and melted into the cookie. :( So I didn't end up sending them since I thought it looked pretty bad. They were yummy though, and sometimes that's all that matters, right? It was a cute idea at least, even if it didn't really work out.

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