Friday, October 28, 2011

Cupcake Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!
This Halloween I made my pumpkin a cupcake. Fitting, right?
 Please excuse this terrible picture of Will and I, I hate it.

 Will and his mom carved pumpkins with me. Here they are cleaning out to goop.
 I sketched my cupcake first with a crayon so that I could scrape off markings if I didn't like it since I was just free-handing the whole thing.
 Now just to figure out what to carve out...
 My boyfriend is a dork.
 Here's all of our insides. I wish I liked pumpkin flavoring and I could have used to it make pumpkin cupcakes or pumpkin pie cupcakes, but I really hate the pumpkin flavor.
 Here's my carved cupcake!
 Not too bad for it being freehand right?
 Happy Halloween!
 And here it is all lit up.
 I should have made the sprinkles bigger so that more light came through, but I was worried that whole piece would fall through if I wasn't careful.
 Here is my pumpkin, (the cupcake), Will's pumpkin, (UK Wildcats), and his mom's pumpkin.
And here is us with the pumpkins! (Again, sorry it's a bad picture. It was dark).
Happy Halloween!!

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