Saturday, October 22, 2011

Reeces Cup....cakes

Reece's cup...cakes. Aren't they cute?
They look like mini cupcakes and yet they are really just a frosted Reece's cup. So easy!

 It started when I found these Reece's cups on sale for Halloween.
 I bought two bags and made these for one of our Kappa Delta meetings. Each bag had about 30 Reece's in them.
 Here's all of my crazy supplies. The decorating options are endless with these.
 The two bags together had about 65 Reece's cups. Make sure you get the miniatures and not the big cups or the tiny baby snack size cups. Both may work but probably wouldn't look like a cupcake.
 I decided to unwrap all of mine, but leave the "cupcake liner" on.
 I got this idea from, an AMAZING blog that I absolutely love. She used these as cupcake toppers and took the wrappers off, but since I did these alone I left them on. My minion cupcakes (coming soon!!) and lots of other future ideas I have come from her blog. For instance, did you know that butterfingers are made from equal parts candy corn and peanut butter? I may try to make some here in the future just to see if it works.
 I also cheated and bought this big can of frosting. Cheap and easy.
 Just swirl on some frosting.
 (Try to keep it in the center or else the frosting will lean.)
 And decorate them however you'd like.
 I tried lots of different ways, experimenting with things. These were pretty ugly--ha!
 Ugly ones always have to be eaten, right?
 They're a bit hard to unwrap without disturbing the frosting.
 But they taste great. Just an extra delicious Reece's cup.
 I used these gumballs as a topper (they were almost too big though).
 As well as jimmies and sanding sugar.
 And nonpareils.
 I just used whatever I had.
 I really wanted to get rid of these gumballs I had from making the golf cupcake cake (see previous post)
 And I thought these little hearts were really cute on top. I used the white sugar pearls from the ladybug eyes (from this post).
 It may be a bit crazy, but I liked all of the colors.
 And then people could just grab whichever one they wanted.
 I also made a second tray.
 And I decided instead of just frosting one...
 that I would frost the whole plate, and then decorate them and see if it was faster.
But it really just made more of a mess with the sprinkles and didn't look as nice. 
But they were still cute, and everyone loved them. People think they're so cool...until they realize that it is just a frosted Reece's cup! But if you want people to think you're really talented, you don't have to tell them. They'll be stunned with your peanut butter cupcake skill. It'll just be our little secret.

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