Saturday, October 22, 2011

Toy Story Cupcakes

 These Toy Story cupcakes were really the first cupcakes I've ever made for someone I didn't know, which was really exciting for me. And not only that, these cupcakes were very special. They were for a little boy who was turning 3 and LOVES Toy Story. His house burnt down about a week before his birthday, and unfortunately all of his presents and all of their things were ruined by the fire. Of course, when one of my sorority sisters told me about this devastating fire and asking people to donate and old clothing or toys for the children and the family, I don't think she expected cupcakes, but all I could think about was this poor little boy's birthday and how he deserved something special.
 And so, I made him some Toy Story cupcakes.

They were your typical funfetti (who doesn't love funfetti, right?).  
 And I had found these super cute Toy Story cupcake liners that came with little toppers (used in the blue cupcakes.)
 (That's the guy I tried to recreate.)
 I didn't really want to tackle Buzz and Woody, so I figured the actual pictures would work out a bit better.
 And so I scooped in the batter. I used a friend of mines kitchen and I couldn't find an ice cream scoop.
 So I just used a spoon and tried to smooth them out a bit. I don't think it really made a difference.
 Once those were in the oven, I decided to work on the Mr. Pricklepants. (There's a picture of him at the bottom for reference if you don't know who that is.) I used vanilla wafers and edible food markers.
 And I just drew on a face.
It seemed a little bit like a bear face, but I figured it was close enough.
 For the aliens, I used white marshmallows and drew black circles for the eyes. The marshmallows were really hard to draw on though and I ended up just pushing the marshmallow up around the marker to leave a black dot so they we a bit irregular, but oh well.
 I used green fruit-snacks for the ears. They were princess themed (just because I liked the pink box) but it worked out great because the green ones were already in a leaf-like shape that was perfect for the ears and I didn't have to try to change them.
I used colored licorice for the antenna sticking out of their head. 
 I just cut the green ones into smaller pieces and then into quarters so that they were skinnier and would fit into the cupcake better.
 See my vision? 
 Now for Mr. Pricklepants hat.
 I used the green fruit snacks again.
 And used a spoon to push them flat.
 Then I took a DOTS gumdrop and cut it in half.
 And I placed it on top of the flattened fruit snack and rolled the fruit snack up around it a bit to make a hat brim.
 The greens were a little off but it worked out okay.
 For the red feather I cut a red DOTS gumdrop and attached a small piece to the hat brim.
 The DOTS were sticky enough that they stayed pretty well.
 Now for the frosting. I just used canned frosting because it's so much easier than making it yourself. I'm lazy sometimes when it comes to baking.
 And I tinted some green and some brown. Isn't the swirl pretty?
 I had too much blue though and it was pretty gray, so I added a lot of yellow.
 Which turned it this awful color.
To which I added some red and got a much nicer brown.
 Aren't the bottoms cute? I just frosted the cupcakes in the green.
 And added the marshmallow eyes.
 Except they were huge!!! Don't they look funny? Needless to say, I cut them in half with a knife.
 And stuck them into the cupcake. Much better.
 And then carefully insert the licorice piece above the eyes.
 And then add on the ears.
 I cut the fruit snacks in half so that they would stick and were thinner. I also pinched the ends to make them more of a leaf shape and look like the alien ears.
 Then I used this tube of black frosting, leftover from the grill cake.
 And used a toothpick to make the mouth.
 They have several different goofy expressions.
 They're goofy little aliens.
 And for Mr. Pricklepants, I just frosted the cupcake with brown, using a toothpick to create a fur-like texture just by combing through the frosting with the tip of the toothpick. Then just place the vanilla wafer and the hat on the frosting and you're done.
 After I had finished them I had wished that I had placed the hat on the actual face so that it sat a bit better, but oh well. I also was going to make ears for him and I completely forgot about it--whoops!
 For easy transport (and to look a bit more professional) I used these cupcake boxes. I used a different box for each of the different types I made just because I couldn't find a 12 cupcake box.
 But it was nice to have them sectioned off.
 For the last four I used the picks, and unfortunately the swirled frosting just didn't look right (back left) and so I just frosted them regularly and added the picks to the tops.
 So there are my 12 Toy Story cupcakes! I never really liked Toy Story much growing up, so although I've seen Toy Story 3, I really didn't know much about it, but hopefully he liked them.

 And in case you're like me and aren't that into Toy Story, here's the aliens I was trying to create and Mr. Pricklepants.
Isn't he cute?

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