Sunday, October 9, 2011

Volleyball Cake Pops

I really like the idea of cake pops, so I thought I would try it and make some volleyball pops for our preseason camp.
Unfortunately they didn't go well and I ended up just trying to decorate them any way that I could.
I used a chocolate fudge brownie mix to make my pops.
And used these "heart healthy" egg beaters because it was all I had, but the batter tasted normal.
1/4 cup of the mixture equals one egg.
Add oil and water.
And mix!
But here comes the problem. I was also making a funfetti cake mix as well as these brownie bites. And see how similar the boxes look??
Notice how thin the batter is?
Yikes. I accidentally used the oil and water measurements for the cake box and not the brownies. Which were pretty significantly different.
But I decided to try it anyways at this point.
And they were still really good!
And the consistency was pretty normal so I was impressed.
And here's the funfetti cake. YUM!
Anyways, back to the brownies! I cut them into pieces and then shaped them into balls with my hands.
I tried to make them about an inch in diameter. You're supposed to add frosting to the brownies, but I really didn't think I needed to.
Here's the finished cake. I always think funfetti looks strange once it comes out of the oven, but at least it tastes good!
So here are all of my messy brownie balls. I didn't like how irregular they were and I thought they looked bad so I decided to change my methods.
I crumbled up the brownies into fine pieces.
And added some frosting to the mix.
And then from there I made new balls that looked slightly better and I thought would stay together better.
Still a bit lumpy but I thought they'd be okay once I dipped them.
And so I dipped the ends of my dowel rods into the excess frosting.
And inserted them into the balls.
You have to hold the balls in your hand to make sure they don't fall apart once you put the stick in them.
And then I laid them all down (just so that the pan would fit) and placed the tray into the freezer so that they would set up.
I had decided to save the cake for later, so I carefully wrapped it in Saran wrap.
And placed it in the freezer.
I used a lot to make sure it would stay fresh.
And I let these sit over night, just for convenience, I don't think you really would have to.
And I got out my wax paper...
And white chocolate--Yum!
So now to dip the cake pops! I first thought that I would be able to just submerge the whole ball into the chocolate and pull out a perfect pop.
...Not so much.
Next I tried to spoon on the chocolate and smooth it over the cake pop.
Which was slightly better but still not a perfect smooth coat of chocolate.
I even tried to use a knife to smooth off the excess and make them more spherical.
I didn't have anything to thin down the chocolate with, maybe milk chocolate would have coated easier, I'm not really sure. White chocolate can be so temperamental but tastes so good that it makes it worth it.
Next I tried using the actual cake and again adding frosting and freezing the pops.
But they were still just so messy!!! I don't see how Angie does it!
I then melted milk chocolate.
To pipe on the cake pops.
And I also tried to dip some of the cake balls in the milk chocolate, but the sticks kept falling off! I was getting frustrated so I gave up.
So now to make the volleyballs. First, I tried to go all the way around the spheres, but as you can see the one in the back, it was just a mess! I did one on the front and back and they overlapped and looked bad.
So then I just did the one on the front, but the pops that weren't very circular just looked bad.
Really very few looked good.
So then I decided to coat them in a sanding sugar.
Which I tried to make purple using food coloring and regular sugar.
But it turned this awful grey-purple color that I didn't like at all.
I tried to pipe frosting on the pops.
And then dipped them in sprinkles. These were supposed to say KWC (for KWC volleyball) but you couldn't tell at all and it was just a mess.
Honestly, nothing was working.
I tried to decorate them with random sprinkles and doing different designs, but really nothing looked good.
I made little white hearts on top of these balls (which tasted so good). Honestly though, nothing worked well and I just gave up. At least I can say I tried to cake pop craze, even if it was an absolute fail.

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  1. Haha, I have these epic fail projects ALL the time:) I have heard from a friend that cake pops are REALLY hard, but she has perfected them...she uses some youtube tutorials:) I haven't tried them yet, but maybe someday:)