Thursday, November 3, 2011

Candy Cupcakes

 Have lots of Halloween candy lying around? Why not make some cupcakes! Specifically Whopper, Reece's Cup, Hershey's Chocolate and Kit Kat cupcakes.
 I actually made these right before Halloween, because really, who needs an excuse to put a whole bunch of candy in a cupcake? But if you can get some candy on sale, or steal some of your children's, these cupcakes are delicious.

 For Kappa Delta's Founder's Day we had a potluck dinner where everyone had to bring something, and naturally, I decided to bring cupcakes. Which got me to thinking, what could I put in the batter to make these cupcakes really good. And that's when I realized, you can put virtually ANYTHING in cupcake batter and it'd be delicious. So I bought a bag of Halloween candy and decided to make Kit Kat, Whoppers, Reece's, and Hershey's cupcakes.
 And so I started with your typical funfetti mix.
 I use these egg beaters because a carton of eggs spoil before I can use them all and these are supposedly healthier.
 Once the batter was made I crushed some of one type of candy into the bowl. I started out with Reece's cups, leaving them in pretty big pieces.
 I used these silver mini cupcake liners and my mini cupcake baker.
 And then instead of adding the candy to the batter, I added the batter to the smaller bowl of candy. This way I could make the four different types of cupcakes without using a million bowls.
 And then I filled the liners pretty full to try to get a nice, round cupcake shape.
 Make sure you keep the candy in fairly big pieces so that you can see it and it has more of an impact.
 And then start with the next candy doing the same thing.
 Add some batter. Remember not to add too much because the more candy pieces, the better!
 The Whoppers I left in the packages and crushed with this heavy glass measuring cup.
Then you can just open the package and dump the contents into the bowl. It's much easier that way.
 Here are the Kit Kat's baking. Don't they look amazing? The colorful sprinkles add a nice touch too.
 Back the the Whoppers!
 They give you WAY more Whoppers in a bag of candy than anything else, so I made a lot of the Whopper cupcakes. 
 Unfortunately however, if you fill them too full...
 ...they go crazy! I had no idea that these would get this big. Note to self, don't overfill cupcakes!
 I had to stop and clean off the mess. The caramelized Whopper was impossible to clean up.
 And the worst part of it was that two of the cupcakes were ruined from me trying to get them out and separated.
But I was able to save some. I kept a candy bar next to each set of cupcakes so that I knew which was which. The candy pieces start to look pretty similar once they're baked. 
 To frost the cupcakes I used this Halloween orange frosting with Halloween sprinkles and my Tupperware cupcake froster.
Just pipe on little swirls. 
And then place a corresponding piece of candy in the middle. 
 I also topped them with the Halloween sprinkles, and frosted some with a plain vanilla frosting.
 Here are the Whoppers and Hershey's cupcakes.
 Aren't they cute?
And of course I had to try one... 
Yum!! But just remember to keep the pieces big. In this Whopper one it almost just tasted like chocolate pieces because they were a bit too small since I had crushed them. You taste a bit of the malt in the cupcake but not as much as I would have liked. You could make these cupcakes with any type of candy. I really want to make Butterfinger, Twix, and Nerds cupcakes next. What sounds best to you?

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