Saturday, November 5, 2011

University of Kentucky Cupcakes

So honestly,  I made these cupcakes last year and they weren't that great so I never posted them. But after going to the Blue/White scrimmage here recently, and with Halloween being just past, these cupcakes seemed to fit both occasions pretty well and I figured I'd post them, even though they're ugly.

 I did these random Halloween-ish designs on some of them. You just pipe in concentric circles and use a toothpick to draw lines through them, or in the the bottom picture draw vertical lines and use the toothpick to create a cool design.
 For some reason, Blogger flips my pictures in all kinds of weird ways, even though the actual files are normal and if I flip them manually, they stay flipped no matter what. UGH! Sometimes I really hate Blogger (Shh!! Don't tell!). Just like how it deleted certain pictures from ALL of my older posts. ALL OF THEM. I had to go back and re-post like 5-6 entries FULL of pictures. Such a pain.
  I tried to do the UK logo but it really didn't work out
 The O cupcake was my attempt at doing a polka dotted cupcake, and then only one of the dots showed up so I went with it. Ha! Pretty goofy looking
Of course, Will loved these. And here is us at the Blue/White scrimmage this year (it's the week before Halloween every year, that's how these tie together).

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