Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Red Velvet White Chocolate Heart Cupcakes

Here are the red velvet mini cupcakes with white chocolate candy clay hearts, red edible glitter flakes and white pearl sprinkles that I made for the surprise homecoming party for one of my close friends.
I also sprinkled some of the red velvet cake crumbs on top of the extras. I always see that done on red velvet cupcakes for some reason so I figured I would try it out.
So, Blogger drives me crazy about loading pictures and turning them in any direction no matter how the actual photo looks or is turned (hence this picture being rotated and no matter what I do to the photo it won't change--ugh!) I decided to cut back on my photos a bit in this post.
I was asked to make red velvet cupcakes which I really don't usually make. And usually I'm a cake mix kind of girl, especially when I make cupcakes at school like these because I don't really have a kitchen or an oven and often have to improvise. After being asked to make these cupcakes for a surprise party, I decided to look up red velvet cupcake recipes. It seemed to me that red velvet cupcakes are vanilla cupcakes with cocoa powder and red food coloring added. So I was thinking that maybe if I used a little bit of let over chocolate cake mix from the white rose cupcakes and combined it to a vanilla funfetti cake mix that I had added some red food coloring to that they might work out okay. And that's exactly what I did, and honestly everyone said they were delicious and they turned out really well.
The white chocolate hearts were made out of candy clay, which is a mix of white chocolate candy melts and 1/3 c. of light corn syrup. It becomes a modeling chocolate that you can form into almost anything and it hardens really nicely. I talk about the candy clay in the white rose post that I mentioned earlier if you want more info on it.
Instead of your typical cream cheese frosting (I hate cream cheese!!) I decided to mix regular canned whipped vanilla frosting with about a cup of cool whip. This made the frosting really light and fluffy and gave it a nice creamy texture without having to use the cream cheese.
The candy hearts just sit into the frosting. Make sure you don't add too much whipped cream or it will be too soft and won't form the nice swirls and the hearts won't stay quite as well.
Then I took a few extra cupcakes and crumbled them into pieces to decorate some of the tops. For some reason I always picture red velvet cupcakes with red cake crumbs sprinkled on top, honestly, I'm not really sure why. Do you feel like that? Is it a red velvet thing or am I just crazy?
I liked having a bit of the red to contrast against the red frosting and bring out the white chocolate heart.
For the cupcakes that I was taking to the party I wanted them to be a bit special, so I used edible red glitter flakes and white pearl sprinkles to jazz them up a bit.
It made the cupcakes seem a bit more dressed up. I was surprised though that most people said they don't like the white pearl sprinkles because they're a bit crunchy and hard to eat. They did look nice though.
Super easy cupcakes, but the white chocolate hearts were beyond delicious and while I'm not a huge red velvet fan, (I think they taste like dyed vanilla cupcakes, which they basically are...) with the whipped cream frosting and the glitter flakes, I really liked these cute little mini cupcakes.

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