Monday, December 26, 2011

Volleyball Cupcakes

Okay, so this is kind of a revenge post. Because someone left me a mean, hateful, rude comment on my volleyball cupcake post. And yes, you'll have that, and no, my cupcakes aren't that great. The point of this blog is cute easy ideas that anyone and everyone can do and honestly is just an excuse for me to bake more cupcakes.
So if you don't like my cupcakes, instead of leaving me messages about how terrible and awful my cupcakes are and how I have no talent, why don't you just...not read my blog? I'll never know if you don't and it would make me feel much, much better. :)

So anyways, I was thinking of other things that I could use to make my volleyball cupcakes to redeem myself. And these cookies and cream drops looked too good to pass up (plus they're kind of white and the right shape, it works right??). And also I decided to try to do multi-colored M&M's thinking that you could coordinate the volleyballs with your team color.
You just use edible food markers and write on the side without writing.
I discuss how to draw a volleyball in the volleyball post above and the cupcakes show a more step-by-step to help. It's also easier if you have a picture for reference when drawing them so that the volleyballs look correctly proportioned.

And while I was a bit worried that they wouldn't look right because of the color, once on the cupcake, I think they looked really great. It was nice that the color was different from the white frosting, yet was neutral enough to look like an actual volleyball. I would almost suggest drawing a little darker with the markers however so that the lines pop a bit more. I didn't realize it until looking at the pictures.
Now for the M&M's. Isn't the package cute?
And you can do them in any color. I didn't have any brown ones (but whose school color is brown??) but it would probably work although I'm sure you wouldn't be able to see it that well.
And so I did different colors with just a simple vanilla frosting swirl, nothing too fancy or crazy.
You could either use an entire package of multi-colored M&M's and sort out the ones that you want or you could buy a package of just blue or just red to match your team color. And again, I wish I had made the lines a bit darker. When you just look at the M&M's they look great, but in the frosting they tend to get a bit lost because they're so small. And keep in mind these are all on mini cupcakes, not the regular size which would be too large.
So now for my two favorites.
I used this black glitter food gel to draw a volleyball straight onto the mini cupcake.
It helps to spin the cupcake as you go so that you have nice curved lines.
These you could make for any size of cupcake and I thought they looked the nicest.
So for my last cupcake, I was thinking about those coconut snowballs.
And I don't like coconut, so I didn't like these as well, but I thought they would be a nice change since they're different.
Just frost a cupcake in vanilla frosting, and pour some coconut flakes into a shallow bowl.
And dip the cupcake into the coconut, rolling it around from side to side to completely coat the top.
And you can sprinkle on a bit extra if it isn't covered completely or if you really like coconut.
Now, using the other cupcake as a template, I began to pipe the black food gel onto the cupcake.
You have to be careful however not to move the coconut flakes. You almost want to start with a dot of the black gel and then squeeze out a big line, keeping the black food gel in the air and gently laying it on top of the coconut flaked cupcake top. Just be careful around the edges where the coconut falls off or shifts around easily.
And it turned out pretty well.
However, I turned it around to take a better picture (my pictures are always terrible, sorry about that!!) and the coconut scattered and fell off. I think that it had on a bit too much excess and I should have shaken it upside down before piping the volleyball. Oh well!
However, it was actually pretty easy to fix. Just scrape off the coconut anad frosting and refrost the cupcake. It will seem a bit gray, but once you add the frosting and coconut flakes you won't notice.
Redip and then pipe on the volleyball again. See how you can't really tell that it's a bit more gray? It isn't very noticable once you add the coconut.
So there are the four. Four more ways to make a volleyball cupcake. Maybe there's a chance that you'll like one of the four? Any redemption?? :) If not, just don't tell me!!! Ha.


  1. Great cupcakes, thanks for the post- it's been helping me with ideas for an upcoming volleyball birthday party for a 6 year old. I made volleyballs out of necco wafers in appropriate colors, Wiltons Foodwriters are so awesome! Happy Baking!

  2. Great cupcakes, thanks for the post- it's been helping me with ideas for an upcoming volleyball birthday party for a 6 year old. I made volleyballs out of necco wafers in appropriate colors, Wiltons Foodwriters are so awesome! Happy Baking!

  3. Oh good, I'm so glad it helped!! Thank you so much!

  4. Thank you, I need to make a lot of volleyball cupcakes and neede inspiration!

    1. u think u can make me some ha jk

  5. I just wanted to say you should just ignore those haters and keep on making those delish cupcakes! Don't let those turkeys get you down. You keep doing what makes you and lots of other people happy!

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