Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chocolate Sprinkle Cupcakes

 So this will be a nice short quick post, but I was surprised at how nice these chocolate sprinkle cupcakes looked. I wished that I had rainbow jimmies to cover them in, I bet that also would have turned out really well.

 All you need is your basic chocolate cake mix, chocolate frosting, and chocolate jimmies. I used a dark chocolate cake mix and dark chocolate frosting to make them a bit more sophisticated.
 Bake at 350 and frost the cupcakes in the dark chocolate frosting. It doesn't have to be pretty at all since it will be covered.
 Immediately after frosting, dunk the entire top of the cupcake into the chocolate jimmies, rolling it around to completely cover the cupcake.
Pat down any sprinkles that are sticking up or falling off, and you're done!
 Super quick and easy, with very little effort but an overall nice presentation that you really can't mess up.
 It does take a lot of jimmies though, I ended up using the whole container.
We took these to a local homeless shelter and they were a huge hit. The dark chocolate was a nice change and come on, who doesn't love sprinkles?

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