Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes

Okay, so these aren't really cupcakes. They're cinnamon rolls that I baked in cupcake liners to make them cuter and easier to eat.

I used Pillsbury orange cream cinnamon rolls, but you could use any kind. The Grands might be too big for the liners though, so I would stay away from those.
In order to get a nice presentation, I unrolled the cinnamon roll and re-rolled them, making them more vertical and pushing the tops up more. I was hoping they would bake up instead of out so that they weren't short and fat and stuck in the pan.
It's hard to tell a difference, but I just tried to swirl the roll like you would cupcake frosting. You'll see when you try it, just trust me.
The problem however, was that the tops began to brown while the centers were still dough-y.
So they get a bit more browned than I would have liked, and they were a bit topsy turvy.
Not nearly as cute as I has hoped for.
But once smeared with frosting, who really cares anyways, right?
They looked pretty cute in the end, however, I didn't like how they turned out as far as the bottoms being a bit dough-y and the frosting only being on top. Good cinnamon rolls have icing everywhere and melt in your mouth and these were delicious at the top and weren't as great by the last bite. I would rather make normal cinnamon rolls and then maybe place them into the cupcake liners after baking and icing the rolls. But they do have a nice presentation. It seemed like a good idea but I wouldn't do it again.

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