Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Cookie Dough Lorax Cupcakes

Even just seeing the commercials, I already love the Lorax.
 Dr. Seuss has a way of doing that, doesn't he? And honestly, I think I would love anything when it's on top of an ultimate chocolate chip cookie cookie dough cupcake. These are the kind of cupcakes that I dream about when on a diet, they're THAT good.

 Yeah, my cake mix is Halloween funfetti. Don't judge, it hadn't expired or something crazy so don't send me hate mail, but sometimes things go on sale at the dollar store and I go a bit crazy. It happens to the best of us....right??
 Well anyways, stop judging, the sprinkles went with the orange and it worked out just fine. Add in water, oil, and eggs and mix for two minutes.
Now, I didn't know how the actual baked cookies would taste. I was worried they'd be gritty or too tough of a texture. Naturally, I had to sample it first just to make sure it was good--and boy was it ever! 
 I took a whole row of chocolate chip cookies and crushed them in a plastic bag. Keep pretty big chunks so that the cookies don't get lost.
Everyone has made Oreo cupcakes, I couldn't understand why no one ever uses other cookies. Don't they get jealous? I don't know about you, but I haven't really met a cookie I haven't liked (except anything with raisins, because raisins are healthy and therefore do NOT belong in a cookie, duh!).
 Your batter will get deliciously lumpy, and will make a few more than the normal 24. (Or for me, who likes big cupcakes and never gets a full 24, it made about 26. I think for normal people it might make closer to 30, so get excited!).
 Now, a couple of notes on chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. You have to have the dough REALLY frozen. Not just cold, but frozen. This way it says dough when the cupcakes bake. Nothing infuriates me more than someone who says they can't taste the cookie dough, which is a HUGE ball of delicious and still miraculously cold cookie dough in the middle.
 So, what I decided to do this time was to fill the cupcakes and begin to bake them, only for about 5-8 minutes. Just enough to start the baking process but not enough for them to set up or (hopefully) not mess anything up. Again, no hate mail please. There shouldn't be hate with cupcakes.
 So you can be a hot shot and make your own cookie dough but I liked the pre-made kind since you already will spend time making and decorating the cupcakes.
 Here's the cupcakes taken out of the oven. See how they aren't actual cupcakes yet? You could wait longer if you wanted, I'm just not sure how it would turn out.
 Push the cookie dough down into the center and you can cover them a bit using a spoon and smoothing things over.
See? You can hardly tell.
And then just put them back into the over until golden brown and perfect. NOTE: You can't use a toothpick to check if they're done because it'll go into the cookie dough and get stuck and it'll be a mess. Just don't try it. 
 Here's the finished product. You can see all of the yummy chocolate chips.
 Some of the centers may collapse a tiny bit, especially if they are under-baked at all so be very careful that they're finished completely.
 They're the perfect combination of cookie and cupcake. What could be better?
 I tried to cut one in half to show you how great the cookie dough is.
 See how it's still cookie dough? It's not just a cupcake that you can't tell what's in it? Sorry it looks so messy, this picture didn't go well and I was in a hurry.
 Now for the Lorax! I tinted some frosting bright yellow for his eyebrows and mustache.
I piped different variations onto wax paper and put them into the freezer, thinking they'd set and harden and be cute. This however, was not the case. They set up, but not enough to really peel off like I was hoping and I really wasn't able to use any of them. :(
 Watching a commercial for the Lorax, it came to me that circus peanuts were the perfect match for his little orange body. They even are pretty much the right shape.
 With a little smushing, they were perfect.
 Then I cut them in half so that you didn't have that awkward dimpled butt of the peanut. No one likes a Lorax with cellulite! Although according to Pinterest, it's braille for "I'm Sexy."
 See? They look a bit better this way.
 For the eyes I used a toothpick and fairly thin buttercream frosting.
 Don't they look like scary orange ghosts? This was one of those projects where you think they look just TERRIBLE until you're completely done and you step back and finally see your vision. So don't run away to the couch and eat the whole bag of circus peanuts because you think you have no hope of cute cupcakes. It'll all be okay, I promise.
 Use a different toothpick and that yellow frosting from earlier to create eyebrows and a mustache. You want a goofy thick mustache, so keep it thin where the nose would be, then a bit thicker with an upward swoop. After you start smearing frosting on him you'll start to get the hang of how you want it to look.
 The farther back you stand the cuter he gets.
Some look happy, some look angry. They all have slightly different expressions, which I think make him cute. I just used the cap for the watery frosting as you can see in this picture.
 And then I frosted them in a pretty teal-ish green, Seuss-ish color, keeping it irregular like a Seuss drawing (you know what I mean right? He wouldn't have perfect green circles and normal cupcakes, plus it's an excuse to be messy and not feel bad).
And then you just plop them into the center. Some didn't look as good as others, but they got better as I went along.
They had too since I had to make so many!
I wish I had made his face a bit more round since the body got a bit lost in the middle of the cupcake.
I still thought they were missing something however.
And, as always, when in doubt, add sprinkles. I used this green sanding sugar which made it look a bit better. Sprinkles make everything better.
And once again I reused a plastic cupcake holder. They're just soo nice. I need to break down and buy nice ones.
Is the Lorax supposed to be grumpy? I didn't know. The commercials make him seem like a lovable grouchy old man, but I really didn't know. Some have a happy expression and some look mad. Oh well!
Like this one! He looks like that cartoon, the guy with the red moustache?? I forget his name, don't judge me! Anyone else agree? Make these for the premiere, whenever it is. Kids around the world will thank you. And don't forget the cookie dough!

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