Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pink Valentines Day Cupcakes and Crinkle Cookies

I have good news and bad news. The good news is this post is a twofer! TWO delicious and super easy desserts. The bad news is this post is super old. Like Valentine's Day old. (Embarrassing, I know!). Good thing pictures can't go stale.
Strawberry cupcakes and strawberry crinkle cookies, using only FOUR ingredients. TWO desserts, FOUR ingredients. You're welcome. Could this get an easier?

  Here's the final products. Slightly sloppy, sorry about that. I was trying things different ways and didn't take the time to take a cute picture. You guys don't care about cute pictures though, right? Just the contents? Good. I'll stick to my awful cell phone pictures.
Here's all that you need, plus vegetable oil which I forgot to include in the picture. I made half of a batch of the crinkle cookies using this recipe:

1 box cake mix (whatever flavor you'd like, I used Duncan Hines Strawberry Supreme)
1 8oz tub of Cool Whip
1 egg

Combine ingredients, form into balls, roll in powdered sugar and place on GREASED baking sheet. Bake at 350 for 10-12 mins. It'll yield about 24ish cookies. So easy!
I'm the kind of person where if I make 24 cookies, I'll eat 23 of them the first day, and no one likes to be feeling fat for Valentine's Day. So I decided to use one cake box mix to make half of a batch of both crinkle cookies and cupcakes. First, just split up the powdered mix into two separate bowls.
The cookies are on the left, and you just need to add 1/2 of an egg. I scrambled an egg in the bowl and then poured in about half. It doesn't have to be too accurate. To the cupcakes, add half of the eggs your box mix calls for. Mine had 3 eggs, so I added one whole egg and the other half from the cookie mix.
Next, add in half of the Cool Whip container to the cookies and half of the oil and water to the cupcake mixture.
And mix! The crinkle cookies will be a weird thick, grainy mixture, but don't worry, they'll be fine once they bake.
For the cookies, form the batter into balls and roll in the powdered sugar. They'll be sticky, so beware.
The best way I found to do it was to use a cookie scoop and scoop the batter directly into the bowl of powdered sugar and then use a spoon to cover it completely. That keeps them from sticking to your hands and getting really messy.
Scoop the cupcake batter into a lined muffin tin. I decided on the last odd-ball cupcake to add some of the raw cookie dough to see what would happen. Spoiler alert: the dough wasn't frozen, so you couldn't really tell a difference in the cupcake as it combined with the cupcake mix. It seemed like a good idea in my head.
Place the cookies on a GREASED baking sheet. I know that's really weird and I'm not entirely convinced that it's necessary. It reminded me of making whoopie pies (post coming soon!) where you also grease the pan. I was too scared to try it without and see if they would get stuck or not. Let me know if anyone tries it without.
They both bake at 350 so I decided to let them share the oven. I'm sure that goes against baking rules, but who cares.
Here's the cookies. Not that cute right? I was disappointed.
So I tried to add some powdered sugar (they seemed a little skimpy on the sugar which is obviously the best part) so I sprinkled some powdered sugar over a heart shaped cookie cutter to give them a cute outline.
I also cut one out using the cutter, but it didn't stay together as well as I was hoping. I like having the slightly crispy ends of the cookie, so I decided against making them all heart-shaped.
Meanwhile, here are the cupcakes, including the odd-ball goofy one.
And here's the second batch of cookies. I tried to be a bit more liberal with the powdered sugar since so much of it bakes off.
For the cupcakes I used a Betty Crocker canned frosting. I was feeling lazy and strawberry frosting seemed too difficult to make. Unfortunately I accidentally bought CHERRY frosting. (They're both pink!). But they were still good and a nice flavor mix. No one even realized a difference, they were really good.
To cuten them up, I decided to cut off the tops.
And I was planning on using the cookie cutter to cut out a heart shape and place it back on the cupcake. Unfortunately my cutter was too big.
So I improvised and went around the inside with a knife.
Not nearly as clean and nice, but still possible.
Except that when you pick it up, it's really easy to break into pieces. Arg! Be very careful!
But you can piece it together without anyone ever knowing. It'll be our little secret.
Cute, right?
Here's the cupcake with the cookie inside. See how it baked into it and you can't really tell a difference? You couldn't taste one either. :( Just remember, when you put something in a cupcake, if you don't want it to bake you have to freeze it completely.
To frost the cupcakes I used my tupperware froster. It's a little crazy but it has some cool tips.
Like this one, which I used to fill the cupcakes with the frosting.
It just makes them extra delicious. 
And it means that you don't need a huge pile of frosting. So I decided to do a short swirl and a reverse rose-ish swirl.
And a weird flower-ish swirl. These were just for us to eat so who cares if they're messy and not very cute. They tasted good and that's all that matters. No "your cupcakes are ugly I hate you" messages this time, please.
An eclectic bunch, but they were yummy.
Easy and delicious, even if they aren't as pretty.

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  1. The pink frosting looks so yummy!! Can you make a gluten free cupcake for me??? I expect it for my birthday. :)