Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Whoopie Pies

I had never really had a whoopie pie until I made these. Is it a Southern thing?
These are so delicious, I would make them for anything. And they'd be great for events because they're easy to eat. Sometimes cupcakes get a bit messy, you know? These would be perfect for Fourth of July parties.

I had this cute mix (I believe from TJ Maxx actually!) that used milk, oil, eggs, and butter and how powdered mixes for both the whoopie pies and the frosting.
Melt the butter and whisk together the milk, oil, and eggs.
Add in the powdered mix.
It looks almost identical to brownie mix. (I wonder if you could use brownie mix? Has anyone ever tried that?)
Spray a baking sheet with non-stick spray.
And spoon some batter onto the sheet. Use less than you think, they'll spread out quite a bit as the batter is really thin. They'll bake up almost exactly as you put them in however, so that's nice. I should have put the batter in a piping bag to make them symmetrical, but oh well.
Bake at 350.
And just before they crack and crinkle, pull them out of the oven.
Now for the frosting! The mix added milk and butter (which I assumed would be normal butter cream) and was pretty thin overall.
Once the cookies have cooled, frost a cookie and sandwich it.
Except, for me, this is NOT enough frosting.
Especially with so much cookie. And let me tell you, these are very rich, dense, delicious cookies.
When you try to eat it however, it squishes down and the frosting comes out.
Wouldn't this make a good football though? Maybe a future super bowl idea, if you used an actual piping icing and shaped them oblong? Hm....
Yum. They were good. But still, I like my frosting too much, so I decided to revamp the mix.
I added more and more powdered sugar until it became thick and stiff.
Too stiff!
A bit hard to frost, but once you put the top on you can go around the sides with a knife and clean it up.
See? Nice and thick.
I decided to roll the edges in these thick sprinkles to give them some color.
They sort of stick out, so you have to press them down into the frosting a bit.
See? Much happier-looking.
I love the thicker look. And it really does help balance out the chocolatey cookie.
So delicious. I couldn't believe I had never made whoopie pies before.
I also rolled some in sanding sugar. Fourth of July party?
And using a knife I cut out a heart shape from the top of one of the cookies.
I really need to invest in a small heart-shaped cookie cutter which would make things much cleaner.
See how the cookie crumbles into the frosting a bit?
I decided to sprinkle in some sanding sugar to cover up any mistakes and make the heart a bit crisper.
It's hard to see from these views so I apologize. Cell phone pictures are never that great, but hey, I'm not into the photography, just the baking. I hope that doesn't drive you guys too crazy.
A cute little mix, right? Can you tell I ate the blue one already? That's how good these are! Go make them right now. (Would anyone like the recipe for this? It's a mix that I picked up, so I could either post the exact recipe that I used with the mix or post one that is similar from scratch if anyone was interested, just let me know!)

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