Monday, October 22, 2012

Candy Corn Cookies

 These candy corn cookies seemed like a great idea in my head. What could be better than rolling a cookie in bits of candy corn?
 They didn't exactly turn out how I had expected and weren't nearly as pretty baked as they were raw, however the final result was just as delicious as I had hoped and they were definitely worth the mess that they made.
 Anyone who knows candy corn knows that it has to be Brach's. The other brands just don't taste quite right and Brach's candy corn have this wonderful silky texture, especially when you first open the bag. Yum! (*Note: no, Brach's doesn't endorse my love of their candy corn in any way, although I wish that they did--Brach's, feel free to call me. Or send boxes of candy corn and autumn mix. I won't complain!)
Start with dumping a good handful of candy corn onto a cutting board. 
 And carefully chop them into smaller pieces. I left mine nice and big so that you really could tell what they were.
 Then, take your cookie dough. I used this cut-out cookie dough that I had saved in the freezer. Let it thaw a bit and tear off a small piece. Roll the piece into a ball using your hands.
 And then gently press the ball into the pile of chopped candy corn. Use your fingers to reshape the cookie and push any candy corn down into the dough.
 Place on an ungreased baking sheet and bake at 350. (I don't know why 350, it just always seems like the go-to temperature when baking anything except a pizza.)
 I only made 5 cookies and left a lot of space on the pan, simply because I had no idea what was going to happen or how they were going to taste.
 And good thing I did. The cookies went from this nice pretty cookie... these monstrous train-wrecks... ooey gooey sticky piles of caramelized candy with a cookie underneath. Yikes! I quickly got them off of a pan using a spatula while the candy was still sticky and hadn't yet hardened. The pan was a catastrophe of molten candy corn sugary goodness.
 But here's the crazy part. The cookies actually tasted really good! The candy stayed soft but caramelized, almost like a creme brule (when the sugar isn't burnt!). The inside of the cookies were light and fluffy with bits of crunchy sugar throughout.
It was a really strange combination and a really messy pan to deal with, but it actually kind of worked.
 And the colors really were beautiful. Although I had a strange deja vu feeling that reminded me of the pizza cupcakes? Awkward...
I will not be held liable if you attempt to make these cookies. Venture at your own risk!
Oh, and no baking sheets were harmed during the duration of this post.


  1. When I first saw the picture for this post, I though it was for white chocolate covered candy corn ---which would be amazing and you should totally make!

  2. These look so messy baking. I baked candy corn in my Suzy Bake oven when I was in third grade and ruined the oven! I think we threw the oven away. Is the mess worth it? Would you make them again?

    1. I would make them again but I would definitely line the baking sheet with aluminum foil to make clean-up easier. The pan was quite a mess, especially since the candy hardens so quickly--it had already stuck to the sheet pan before I had a chance to clean it. It actually wasn't too bad though, I just sprinkled baking soda on top of the hardened candy and poured a bit of vinegar and water on the pan and let it sit for a few minutes and the candy was dissolved completely and easily wiped off.