Sunday, October 14, 2012

Candy Corn Rice Crispie Treats

 These candy corn rice crispie treats are so easy and yet so cute.
 **But after making and posting these, I realized that candy corn traditionally have yellow tops followed by an orange middle section and a white tip! Yellow-Orange-White, not Orange-Yellow-White like I did. For some reason the ombre-colors made more sense to me and I didn't even think about looking to make sure it was correct. Whoops! (Sidenote, I wonder why they did the colors out of order? Anyone know?)

 All you need is rice cereal, marshmallows, red and yellow food coloring, and a little bit of butter.
 Melt about half of the marshmallows with 1 T of butter and microwave for about a minute and a half.
Dye the first batch orange, and spread it around the outside of a round dish (I couldn't find my 8" round pans for some reason, but this bowl worked out just fine). I wanted to keep the ring thick so I didn't go all the way around. To fix this, use a whole bag of marshmallows instead of half. Make sure you grease your hands using either butter or cooking spray, and pack the crispies into a ring.
 Repeat with the yellow.
 This time I used about 3/4 of a bag. It will seem like you have way too much but just keep smashing them down. It'll make the rice crispie treats nice and dense.
 Keep a nice rainbow shape, arching the center hole where the white color will go.
 Once again, with the white, it will seem like you have way too much but just keep working the white into the other layers.
 All finished! Now, the trick is getting the rice crispies out to properly cut them without ruining the whole thing. I hope you greased that bowl well! 
 Once it's out, cut the ring in half. (I omitted those pictures because the aluminum foil made some really creepy "ghost" faces. Seriously, I was really freaked out by them. Yikes! Happy Halloween.)
You could leave them like this, in huge candy corn pieces, or cut them into fourths like I did. For a happy medium, try cutting into thirds. 
 Once they're cut, reshape them a bit with your fingers. I cut them before they set up so that I could make sure they were nice triangles, but you could wait until they set up and they would be easier to cut.
 And there's your candy corn!
 Some weren't quite as pretty as others....
 ...but with some shaping they look much better.
Super easy and super yummy. Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. That is so cool how you made them. I wouldn't have thought of a pie pan. Very cool!