Sunday, October 14, 2012

Glaze Flood Cookies

These glaze cookies are a bit harder to decorate but taste much better than a normal royal icing cookie. (Which sometime hurt my teeth for some reason! Anyone else have that problem?)
Not that pretty of a plate of cookies, but at least the glaze is a pretty color.

And the ingredients are so simple! Powdered sugar, corn syrup, and water. Oh, any some cut-out cookies of course. I had made these before and froze them in a Tupperware container. Just thaw and decorate!
Mix all of the ingredients. The mixture will seem a bit thin, but keep adding powdered sugar until it thickens.
I used this royal icing, which is a little thicker, to outline the cookies and prevent any of the glaze from flowing off of the cookie.
I just used plastic bags instead of piping bags, you can't really control the glaze that well so there's no need to use a tip (in my opinion).
I thought that I could decorate the cookies and just use the glaze in between the royal icing, and did a bulls-eye cookie to see how well the glaze held up under the boundaries of the white icing
And unfortunately it just went over everything, barely staying on the cookie itself.
And for some, it didn't stay on the cookie. It got to be a bit of a mess.
But after going back over the decorations, they actually looked okay.
Some spilled over the sides more than others...
Yikes. Next time I'll really build up that outline to keep in the glaze.
It's pretty easy to scrape off with a knife and clean up into a presentable cookie, don't worry.
They may not win any awards for best-looking cookies, but they were really yummy and really simple to make.
And the heart cookies were my favorite. So simple, yet so cute.

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