Friday, October 19, 2012

Pizza Cupcakes

Lately, I've seen a lot of food cupcakes. Pizza, lasagna, chicken pot-pies, mac and cheese--you name it, there's a cupcake recipe for it on Pinterest. But why not? They're so cute and a really nice, small portion and cupcakes are quite the trend. (Although, I'm predicting a shift to cookies. Or at least I think I'm going to shift to cookies. Cupcakes get messy to eat, are hard to transport, and I have YET to a find a cupcake frosting recipe that I like. If anyone has the recipe for a smooth silky buttercream that's easily piped but stands up beautifully on a cupcake, please let me know.) But anyways, I plan on making a cultural switch to cookies. But not royal icing cookies which are beautiful but don't taste that great. I mean unique, wholesome, old-school, delicious cookies with crazy recipes. I'm dreaming up a s'mores cookie and a candy corn cookie at the moment, so look for those posts in the future.
 But enough of that! Lets get back to these pizza cupcakes. I made these as a little 3pm early dinner snack for Will and I. He was stopping by on his way to Kentucky and didn't want to stay for dinner but had a long drive ahead of him and these were perfect. I love the small portions.

 I used a pepperoni pizza mix (an individual sized pizza, not the larger family mix). You just add water and toss in a bit of oil and let rise. I wanted to make the dough from scratch and do a pizza dough/cupcake mix hybrid but I didn't have yeast. I loved using the actual dough because the thickness in shape made the middle of the cupcake really moist while crisping up the edges a bit which made for a really nice crust.
 After oiling the mini muffin tin I tore off pieces of the dough and placed them in the tin. Make sure you oil your hands so that the dough doesn't stick to your fingers.
 Then I went back and tried to stretch the dough around the sides and make a space in the center for the toppings.
 However, after putting the dough in the over for a few minutes to bake they really rose and expanded.
 I used a spoon to make a slit in the slightly baked dough (5-8 minutes at 425).
 The sauce from the pizza mix had pepperonis already inside, so I simply spooned some sauce into the slit of the cupcake and pushed it down into the center using the spoon.
 I also used some hot dog slices. I'm not sure how this got started, but my mom always puts thin slices of hot dogs on pizza and I absolutely love it (go figure, I love hot dogs).
 So for some of the cupcakes I added hot dogs to the slit and topped with pizza sauce. Don't be afraid to really push the peperoni/hot dog into the cupcake.
 Next, top with both shredded and Parmesan cheese.
 And bake for another 5-8 minutes!
 Yum! They smelled sooo good.
 Since I had oiled the pan they popped right out. I used a large spoon and lifted them out without a problem. Feel free to top with extra Parmesan cheese or crushed red peppers.
 I also used some of the extra pizza sauce as a dip for the cupcakes, which was a huge hit.
These cupcakes were cheesy and saucy and had wonderful texture and flavor. They would be perfect to bring to parties, just be careful that you don't eat them all before you realize that you just consumed what is technically an entire pizza! It's easy to do...

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  1. These look so good. Also love how easy it looks to make the. I like your new look to yor blog. :)