Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chocolate Crinkle Turkey Cookies

These chocolate crinkle turkey cookies were an attempt to pull off using the holiday stencils. I thought using a different medium might help but the powdered sugar was no more forgiving than the frosting from the original Thanksgiving cookie post.

Remember these stencils? I was determined to make them work. Unfortunately, I have yet to master using these cookie stencils. I thought they were going to be so easy and such a sneaky way to make really professional looking cookies, but so far, I haven't had any luck.
This chocolate cookie recipe was fantastic. They had a great cocoa flavor and reminded me of those big round chocolate cookies with sanding sugar that you get in the store. --Anyone know the name of those? They're the best.
 I tried to make huge dollops of cookies, knowing that the turkey stencil was pretty large.
 And I baked the cookies on aluminum foil because I was worried they'd stick to the pan.
 I taped off the edges of the stencil so that the Easter egg wouldn't also get stenciled onto the cookie.
 And then I went a bit crazy with the powdered sugar. Be really careful not to move the stencil until you're ready to take it off, it's really easy to smudge the lines.
Lift the stencil straight up for best results.
 The leaf didn't look quite as good for some reason
 Some of the turkeys were a bit messy, especially the ones with more powdered sugar. Less is more.
The plate looked a bit crazy. I was hoping that the powdered sugar would result in a more clean look, but it really didn't. Which was disappointing because I had visions of using powdered sugar to stencil on whoopie pies, brownies, cookies, cakes, really anything and everything. I was a bit disappointed to say the least, but I'm not giving up on the stencils just yet!

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  1. Maybe you're thinking "Dutch cocoa cookies" from archway??? Yum. Can you post the recipe too?