Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Halloween Kit Cupcakes

Here are some of the other Halloween cupcakes I made when I made the spiderweb cupcakes. The white chocolate spiderwebs were pretty but took time and I didn't know if they would turn out okay or if they would break.
I cheated and used these cute cupcake picks. But look at that tail, can you blame me?

The cupcakes are the same chocolate vegan cupcake recipe and were again dipped in chocolate ganache (see Spiderweb post) but this time I decided to pipe some vanilla buttercream frosting on top of the ganache.
These cute decorations were from this Halloween kit that one of my law school friends bought for me because she knows I love cupcakes. (So sweet!).
How cute are the pipe cleaner cat tails?
Note: These pictures will NOT rotate, no matter what I try. Oh Blogger! Sorry about that, I'll work on fixing it but for now just turn your head. Just remember that I'm not liable for any neck injuries sustained...
 Cupcake picks are kind of like cheating, but they're easy and cute and look really nice together as a display. Use what your momma gave you, right? (Except my mom didn't give me these, but you know what I mean.)
Happy belated Halloween!


  1. Your Favorite SisterNovember 13, 2012 at 10:54 PM

    The real question is... what are you making for Thanksgiving???