Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pumpkin Pretzels

 Just in time to wrap up fall, here are some super easy white chocolate covered "pumpkin" pretzels.
These were made with some leftover white chocolate I had and would look much better with actual orange candy melts. (Unless coral pumpkins are your thing).  

 All you need is pretzels, some chocolate and wax paper. NOTE: Be very careful with the serrated edge on the wax paper container. I tried to open this new box and gave myself a paper cut on the serrated edge. OUCH! I don't know how people cut themselves on Chopped (which is awful and ruins the whole episode for me, I can't stop staring at the glove and freaking out--anyone with me??). I definitely couldn't keep cooking and had to take some time sulking on the couch waiting for my finger to stop hurting. It was traumatic.
 I melted my white chocolate in the microwave (stir every 30 seconds) and then used GEL food coloring. Liquid food coloring will make chocolate seize so you have to use gel or paste. Really you should just buy orange candy melts, but hey, make it work, right? I also used toothpicks to fish out the pretzels once they were dipped.
 But some didn't seem to have enough chocolate on them to tell what they were supposed to be.
 Once they're slightly dry you can dye some of the white chocolate green and add a little stem or try to add vines. The vines really didn't work out for me.
 I also spooned some of the white chocolate onto some of the pretzels that didn't seem to have enough chocolate. I like the results of these much better. They seemed more "pumpkin-like."
 Here's a side-by-side of the two types I made. Not all that cute, but really easy and a nice idea.
 You could also add sanding sugar to the green stem and leaves if you'd like.
And there you have it! Easy, semi-cute pumpkin pretzels. Trust me, they look much better when laid out on a plate together and at least they're pretty easily recognizable, despite what you might think from seeing these pictures. Plus they'll give you a nice excuse to eat white chocolate covered pretzels and who doesn't love that?

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  1. I have also cut myself opening wax paper. Do they really need to make it THAT sharp?? Pumpkins are adorable!!!