Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Cookies

 Sorry for the delay in Thanksgiving posts. Blogger decided that I post too many pictures and let me know I was over my 1GB limit and wouldn't let me post unless I bought more space. Funny how everything is only free up to a point, right?
 These cut-out cookies were frosted with a meringue (think toasted marshmallow) and I attempted to frost them using a stencil. It wasn't exactly a huge success.
 I was too cheap to buy actual cookie stencils (which are like $3 per specific stencil and are impossible to find) so I used these cheap Wal-Mart stencils instead.
 I thought this turkey and leaf would be perfect.
 However the turkey was pretty big and required me to use the biggest circle cutter that I have. But everyone likes big cookies right?
 For the frosting I decided to use an Ashley-adapted crazy recipe that didn't really turn out. I had made a meringue frosting before on cupcakes and after adding powdered sugar to the meringue (which I don't think you're supposed to do really), it caused the frosting to harden and created this beautiful white shell of a frosting. At the time, I thought it'd be perfect for cakes or cookies as a substitute for fondant/royal icing which dry hard but don't taste great.
 What I didn't anticipate however was that the frosting would indeed harden, but remained slightly tacky to the touch. I tried placing them in the fridge, the freezer, under a fan, and finally under a hair-dryer. Nothing would harden these cookies completely.
 Finally I decided to torch the meringue under the broiler to harden it. These were as toasty as I went, the others were mostly white, as you'll see. (Trying to skimp on the pictures now to make Blogger happy).
 I was so excited to buy these Wilton color mist sprays. I had images in my mind of these beautiful professional-looking antiqued Thanksgiving cookies. Let's just say, that didn't happen. 
 First I tried for a golden turkey.
 Except the color spray was too watery and the turkey was too detailed.
 Even with frosting it was difficult to tell what the turkeys were.
 The leaves however were a bit easier.
 I tried to swirl orange and brown frosting for a more "fall" effect.
Overall they really just weren't that great. But I made these to take to our Christian Legal Society "We're Thankful for You" staff appreciation plates.
 This is my plate of cookies. I also made chocolate crinkle cookies, featured in the next post.
The plates were a huge success! 
Here's our CLS group. Ignore how fat I look in this picture and how awful my hair is. Curls are apparently not a good look for me.

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