Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Law School err, Cupcake Wars

I think that law school exams are a lot like the show Cupcake Wars.
In Cupcake Wars, you need to know your recipes (the law) forwards and backwards as you can't bring anything with you (closed book). Once you get into Cupcake Wars, they give you a crazy mystery ingredient that you have to apply your recipes and your knowledge to (crazy hypo fact patterns). You have to use your knowledge to try something crazy, never knowing if it will work out or not. Sometimes knowing your recipes and practicing making cupcakes with crazy ingredients will help you to prepare and to do well. And sometimes they give you a crazy Indian spice to work with or one of those weird Asian fruits with horns. All you can do is make up a cupcake batter, put it in the oven (hoping you get done in time!) and cross your fingers. You won't know if Florian loves it or hates it until it's too late. You just do your best and hope you don't get sent home. But hey, if I do get sent home and fail out at least I will have lots of time to bake cupcakes, right?
Side note: Anyone else notice how Candace was replaced on the last episode and then they haven't had a new show since? (There's one Friday night of this week instead of the normal Sunday night slot). I wonder what's going on...Hmm....

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  1. I'm quite confindent that as are your cupcakes you too will turn in a WINNER! Keep up the hard work:)