Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cut-out Cookie of the Month, January: Stunning Silver Snowflake Cookies

These silver snowflake cookies are simple and yet stunning. (Alliteration anyone? Ha.)
This is the first "cut-out cookie of the month" post, explained HERE.
You often see tons of snowflake cookies around this time of year, however the silver sheen really gives these simple cut-outs that extra something special.

 I was so excited to try out these Crate and Barrel cookie cutters.
January's cut-out is a snowflake, which you often see with simple blue and white icing and ornate lines. Which would have been nice enough, but I wanted to do something a bit different.
 I used THIS sugar cookie recipe, which I absolutely love. It used very little flour but yet rolled out so nicely. The cookies were sugary sweet and had a nice crunch to them.
 I rolled the cookies out pretty thick (~1/4") because I was worried that the intricate details of the snowflake might break off after baking.
 I also lined my baking sheet with aluminum foil which made the cookies easily slide off of the pan.
 I used my own personal royal icing recipe, found HERE. It doesn't hurt your teeth or have that awful meringue taste, yet has a beautiful white color and dries completely hard. 
 I used a sandwich bag with a piping tip. Sometimes it just isn't worth it to break out an actual piping bag and coupler. 
 I decided to just start piping on the cookies, making little fleur-de-lis at each point of the snowflake.
 Simply squeeze a dot of icing and pull back into the center line of the cookie in a triangle shape.
 Then I went back and added a second line in between each "spoke" of the cookie.
 The center seemed pretty bare so I added a bit more icing. The nice thing about snowflakes is they are all unique and there is no right way to decorate them. Plus the silver covers up any mistakes.
 I added some pearls to the center of the snowflake.
 And a few around the edges. Just place a pearl onto a small dot of icing. 
 I'll admit, it's not the prettiest snowflake. 
 But a few coats of Wilton's color mist changes everything.
 Gently spray the (dried) cookie with the color mist over wax paper. I used two coats as the first dried with a few visible splotches.The Wilton color mist (in silver here) was about $3 at Hobby Lobby and Micheal's and is worth every penny!
I didn't like that the white showed through.
So I did a second coat once the cookie was dry.
Much better, right?
Such a huge difference between the original, typical cookie, and these gorgeous, silver-sprayed cookies.
The second cookie I decorated with some loops and swirls.
 But it got a little out of hand.
 Once again, nothing a little color mist can't fix! 
 Not the best piping work, but still beautiful in the end.
 Such an easy way to make your cookies look more professional.
 Although I was disappointed with how they tasted.
 The silver spray gave the cookies a slightly metallic aftertaste.
 And these cut-out cookies taste so good on their own, it really was a shame.
 But I ate them anyways.

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  1. You'll have to try another color of spray and see if it tastes any different. They look so pretty. Next month, are you going to use my favorite.....glitter?