Thursday, January 31, 2013

Football Field Cut-out Cookies

These football field cut-out cookies are also really easy to make. They're really simple in design, yet they would look great displayed on a platter for the super bowl or any football party. 

 I started with my cut-out cookie recipe, found HERE.
 I don't have any square cookie cutters but found it really easy to just cut the dough into squares with a knife.
Which allowed me to experiment with a lot of different shapes and sizes.
  Using the thicker royal icing recipe found HERE, I outlined the cookies in green.
 Flood the cookies using a slightly thinner royal icing glaze. I use a toothpick to push the icing to the edges of the cookie and to ensure there aren't any trapped air bubbles on the cookie.
 While the icing is still yet you can sprinkle the cookie with green sanding sugar to create a "turf-like" effect.
Don't go too crazy with the sprinkles, you want to be able to see both colors of the icing and the sprinkles to give the cookie more dimension. You could also use green jimmies (long green sprinkles) to look like grass.
 Or you could just flood the entire cookie and leave it green and shiny.
 Carefully pipe the "50" in the center of the cookie, leaving a bit of space between the numbers to draw your field lines.
 I chose to only do the 50 for space reasons. I didn't want to cookie to seem too cluttered.
 But it looked a bit like a $50 bill.
 Add a straight line down the center of the numbers on both sides.
 You could stop here, but I decided to add a few more lines.
 I did one long line on the ends and a short "5 yard" line in between.
 If you made larger cookies you could add more detail. I liked the bite-sized cookies but it was a bit hard to carefully pipe the numbers without the 5's looking like S's. 
 Here's a side-by-side with the added lines. They really do help make the cookie look right. 
 And they couldn't be easier.
 You could also do soccer fields in the same way. They might be cute for soccer teams, making them along with a few soccer balls?
The possibilities are endless!

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  1. those are very cool! & i'll bet they're tasty:)