Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Glitter Grape Candy" Transforming Fruit into a (Just as Healthy) Candy

Grapes are pretty tasty on their own, but who would have guessed that rolling them in a low calorie powder would turn them from a so-so snack into an uncontrollably delicious candy you can't stop eating?

All you need is SEEDLESS grapes, red or green, and some jello in whatever flavors you would like to use. I tried cherry for the red grapes and lime for the green. The cherry was much better once chilled and became my favorite. The lime made the grapes take on almost a watermelon flavor, they weren't sour at all but remained sweet. Almost like a watermelon Kool-Aid flavor. 
 Rinse the grapes very well in warm water. You want the grapes to be slightly wet to help the jello adhere. I placed my grapes in small sandwich bags, but you could use a gallon-sized bag and do the entire bag of grapes at once if you preferred.
 Next, pour in the jello powder. Do not add anything to the powder, just add the grapes. I just estimated an amount, it will take less powder than you might think. I would say an entire box of jello would make an entire bag of grapes into glitter grape candy with some powder to spare.
 Shake the bags until the grapes are coated.
 Aren't they pretty?
 They're a bit messy though at this stage. The trick to setting the jello is to let the grapes cool, either in the fridge or freezer (but don't freeze the grapes completely unless you're willing to risk the brain freeze of biting into them). Once the grapes have chilled for a few minutes the "glitter" will stick to the grapes and not to your fingers.
 Before chilling, I thought the green grapes were by far my favorite and the red seemed too sweet. However, once the cherry flavored chilled, the red became my favorite for some reason. 
 These are so good, I couldn't stop eating them! I kept sneaking into the fridge to eat a few before they had chilled. (They're still good, but let them chill and you'll see what you were missing). 
 This will definitely help me get my allotted fruits for the day.
 Plus, jello has 0-5 calories (depending on what type you get) so you really aren't adding anything overly unhealthy to the grapes. It's a win-win!
However, my sister told me about grapes she had that were rolled in egg-whites and then sugar. I'm not a big fan of raw eggs (a lawsuit waiting to happen!) but thought about rinsing the grapes in water and rolling them in sugar (or cinnamon sugar? would that be weird?) and seeing what happens. I'll let you know!
PS--Did you know that you can sue someone for providing food containing salmonella? Even at a family barbecue or church bake sale, if the food produced makes you sick, they can be held civilly liable, meaning that you can sue them for damages and "pain and suffering." Crazy, right? 

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