Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yellow Legal Pad Notebook Cupcakes

For my first day back to law school I figured these yellow legal pad cupcakes would be quite fitting.

 Just mix up some bright yellow frosting.
 And frost your favorite chocolate or vanilla cupcakes.
 Add blue lines with a blue margin line for notebook paper (you'd probably want to ice the cupcake in white, but you get the idea). 
 And then you can "write" on the cupcake using black icing. Please excuse my black/grey mess of an icing. I strongly recommend a store-bought black, it's just too hard to dye a nice black frosting without it separating.
 Use a red margin line for the legal pad cupcakes. (Or for the notebook ones, I've seen white pages with a red line as well).
 Despite the crazy black mess of the writing, they're actually pretty cute.
So easy to make and yet so unique. You'll be the hit at the office for sure. There's absolutely nothing wrong with bribing coworkers with cupcakes. Everyone wins!

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