Friday, February 1, 2013

Football Stadium Cut-out cookies

Here is the final cookie! Football stadiums, complete with adorable little sprinkle "fans" in the audience.
These cookies are inspired by Ali Bee's football cookies, found HERE.

 I used my cut-out cookie recipe found HERE.
 I cut the dough into squares since I don't have a square cookie cutter.
 And to get a nice stadium shape, I rounded out the edges of some of the cookies using a circle cookie cutter and pressing it into the edges.
 Just be careful that you don't press too hard and cut into the actual cookie!
 Use whatever shapes you like, I tried an oval and different size square/rectangles. These cookies are very forgiving.
 I used my royal icing recipe, found HERE.
 Outline your "stands."
 And fill, using a toothpick to pop any air bubbles that may form.
Before to icing dries, coat the sections with nonpareils sprinkles. I got this cute jar of nonpareils for Christmas and was so excited when I had the idea for this cookie.
 Place the cookie on a baking sheet or aluminum foil so that you don't waste any sprinkles!
 You can use any small round sprinkles really.
For the oval cookies, outline the rectangular "field."
 And the outside of the cookie. Note: If you realize your rectangle isn't centered, you can adjust your lines and just fill in any mistakes with the glaze.
 The royal icing glaze is just  my royal icing recipe with a few tablespoons of water.
 Place in a sandwich bag and snip off the tip of the corner.
 Flood the cookie (including any mistakes) and use a toothpick to swirl through the icing, popping any air bubbles that arise.
 If there are any lumps or craters, tap the cookie on your counter-top until the icing settles evenly.
 Then douse the cookie in sprinkles.
 Shake off any excess and make sure you don't have any big white spaces. If you do, gently push a few sprinkles into the space. You don't want any empty seats at the Super Bowl!
 For the square cookies you can still create an oval stadium.
 Outline and fill the shape you would like for the "stands."
If the cookie has any imperfections, again, tap it a few times to settle out the icing.
 While the icing is still slightly wet, add the sprinkles.
 Lots of sprinkles.
 And shake off any excess.
Three different ways, three cute cookies. 
 I think this one was my favorite.
 Here's the square/oval combo.
 Or the shortened rectangle is an option.
Outline in green for the football field.
 Or if the field is already outlined in white, just flood with the green glaze.
 Use a toothpick to push the icing all the way to the edges.
 But be careful not to overfill and spill over the cookie edges.
 If you want, you can add some green sprinkle "turf."
 Going back to add in the green "grass" corners to the square/oval combo cookie.
 It gives you more of an overhead view of the stadium.
 Which cookie is your favorite?
 The smaller rectangle?
 The oval?
 I really liked the rectangles...until I added the field. Add some white lines with royal icing.
 And a 50 yard line.
 I felt like the 50 was the only number I could squeeze in, but you could do more based on your piping abilities and cookie size.
 I also added some smaller lines to balance out the cookie.
 Same for the oval stadium, add the 50 yard line.
 And additional lines if you feel so inclined.
 I added a few but decided not to do the numbers. It felt a bit too crowded.
Again I added some smaller "5 yard" lines.
I decided against doing end-zones...I had a feeling they might go horribly wrong if I tried.
I like simple cookies better anyways.
For the final cookie--the largest cookie, I did things differently.
I was originally planning on leaving this cookie with the yardage lines to have some variety. 
But last minute I decided to add a large "50" in the center.
Personally, I liked the large 50 better than trying to pipe small numbers on each side of the cookies and having the 5's look like S's.
I really liked the color that the sprinkles added to the plates of cookies.
Especially with the chocolaty brown football cookies.
So there you have it! Now you know how to make each one my simple Super Bowl cookies.
Whoever you're rooting for, I hope you enjoy the game!
P.S. Go browns!
(Who will be in the Super Bowl next year, obviously.)

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  1. Those are such creative cookies! I love the idea of using the colored sprinkles for football fans.