Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Love Letter Valentine's Day Cut-out Cookies

These love letter cookies couldn't be easier and look really cute with a simple heart sprinkle "seal". These cookies were inspired by the Baking in Heels version HERE, but mine are much easier to make. I don't like waiting for cookie sections to dry--"ain't nobody got time for that!"

I used by cut-out cookie recipe, found HERE.
After rolling out the cookies I cut the dough into rectangles. You could use a rectangular cookie cutter if you have one.

I used my super easy royal icing recipe found HERE.
Outline the cookie with the white icing.
And flood the cookie using a slightly thinned royal icing glaze, using a toothpick to spread icing evenly and pop any air bubbles that may form.
Let the cookies dry (most people think you have to let the cookies dry overnight but I only let mine dry about any hour and the glaze was set enough to pipe on, just don't touch the icing or it'll leave a fingerprint.)
Pipe on the envelope "flap."
You can add the bottom two lines for a more realistic cookie, or leave it with just the top. Personally, I liked the extra lines.
While the icing is still wet, gently place a heart sprinkle in the center to "seal" the envelope.
I decided to dust the cookie with regular sugar (I was out of sanding sugar, which would have looked slightly better). 
But the regular sugar gave it a nice shiny glow.
Either way, they're pretty cute.
And so delicious--I love this sugar cookie recipe. The cookies are very sweet and sugary with a good amount of crunch.
A quick and easy cookie that you and your special someone can both appreciate this coming Valentine's Day.

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