Friday, February 1, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII Cut-out Cookies

I thought these cookies might be really difficult, but having an extra rectangular cookie I decided to give it a shot, and they turned out to be fairly simple.

Here is the actual logo for a comparison. (Don't judge me too harshly please.) I decided not to try to write out the "Super Bowl" line because it seemed too small and I knew it would be difficult to pipe.

 I used my cut-out cookie recipe found HERE.

Roll out the dough and cut it into a large square. (Or use a large square cookie cutter if you have one.)
 And royal icing recipe HERE.
 Start with the football, piped on an angle in the top half of the cookie.
 And add the strange shadow line shown in the logo. It'll look strange now but everything comes together once you spray the cookie silver.
 While the football dries, begin the XLVII date at the bottom.
 I began on the right with the II, so that I could space out the letters evenly, outlining and filling in each one and allowing time for them to dry.
 I decided not to write in the "super bowl" line and just left it as a white rectangle.
 You won't tell, right?
 Next add in the bottom of the statue. (It's so hard not to automatically type statute now that I'm in law school).
 Finally, spray the cookie with two coats of Wilton silver luster spray.
 Pretty easy, right?
 Add some cute little footballs and you're all set for the Super Bowl!
 Or you could go crazy and make a ton of cookies like I did.
Whatever works. Enjoy the crazy halftime show and awesome commercials! (Obviously the most important part of the Super Bowl, right?)

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  1. That silver spray is really neat. Does it taste like frosting?