Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Truffles--Victoria's Secret

 The past two weeks at Victoria's Secret they were offering a box of truffles with all purchases over a certain amount. Luckily, I needed to buy some new shape-wear for my Barrister's Ball last weekend. (Note: They were amazing, and so much better than Spanx, I would highly recommend them!)
 The truffles were pretty...interesting, to say the least.

 They placed the hearts upside down in the truffle box (which was really cute). 
 However the hearts looked rather...unappetizing from the bottom.
 They all had pretty ridiculous names, like "seduction" or "temptation."
 And the flavors were quite crazy--for example, this pistachio dark chocolate with pink river salt?
 Here are the names and descriptions.
 I loved reading all of the different explanations of how wonderful the chocolates were.
 But unfortunately, while every chocolate had one really great element (sea salt caramel, field strawberries), they would also usually have one really weird element (black sesame seeds, cocoa nibs) as well.
 It was funny how the descriptions painted these elegant pictures--discussing Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly.
 I was so excited for the sea salt caramel but the sesame seeds really ruined the truffle for me.
 This last one was surprisingly my favorite, the cream soda with pink sugar.
At the end of the day, they were free chocolates. What more can a girl ask for, right?
Go and get some while you still can! (PS yoga pants are on sale right now as well, don't ask me how I know...).

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  1. Those are really odd flavors..I don't know if I would be brave enough to try them. Black salt and sesame seeds...idk.